BONUS REVIEW: Californication by Rampaige

I haven’t seen this show, but want to. It’s on my Netflix Instant Queue! I logged into Netflix at work and saw that someone had been watching it without me, and then received the following texts:

Rampaige: Want my wolfman review of californication show? Mulder is old, mean, does lots of ladies. Shitty. Where is scully

Rampaige: Nm his girlf has red hair…scullys daughter

Can anyone attest to the accuracy of this review? Anyone? Thoughts on letting Rampaige review more things? She’s a lot more concise, I’ll give her that.


6 responses to “BONUS REVIEW: Californication by Rampaige

  1. I’ve never seen this show, but I sure don’t need you not liking this show to make fun of you. But hey, not every show can be Intervention Hoarders Being Chased By Anthropomorphic Dogs, which is what I assume you are watching most of the time.

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