The Big Bang Theory sucks dicks

The title of this post is completely unrelated to the post itself, I just wanted to remind everyone of how terrible this show is. No, this is another one of those “look at the crazy shit people search for an end up on my site” kind of posts. Those are always entertaining, right?! Last time, I ended the post by saying I wasn’t sure what was funnier, the things people search for or the fact that they ended up on my site. Rather than make that same comment again, I’m going to leave a few of my own personal comments next to the search terms. And I’ll be doing it in italics, no less! ITALICS!


  • dead black guy
  • helen hunt
  • crazy mannequin –I assume someone was doing research on the film “Mannequin” from the 80’s, because that mannequin was crazy as shit.
  • exploding diarrhea
  • hugs and fucking
  • what is the chupacabra weakness – The fact that it’s not a real fucking thing is probably its biggest weakness.
  • wicca bitch
  • she hulk fucked
  • jason todd gay
  • russia people
  • ugly doctor
  • old guy from the humid sentapead – I just…I can’t even…this movie sounds AWESOME. Humid sentapeads are my favorite kind of sentapead.
  • iron man sex
  • bill pullman naked – I’ll admit, this one was actually me.
  • fat nerd fuck yeah im a hottie – I wonder if this is an actual movie reference, or maybe just some fat nerd trying to build his confidence, presuming he could get fucked, and reminding himself that he was a hottie.
  • lat the bodys hit the floor monster truck – THIS ONE IS HAS TO BE MY FAVORITE EVER. DROWNING POOL. MONSTER TRUCKS. LAT! LAAAATTTT!!!!!
  • boobs asking for it – I mean, aren’t they always asking for it?
  • babes on stairs – Is there any better place for them to be!?
  • types of poop poster
  • rapped tunnel
  • head no shit
  • most bloody dead guy in the world 2011 – I didn’t know this was an award that got handed out, but who am I to doubt the kind of person who would search for this?
  • damn bitch face
  • fat girl rapist – Is it someone who rapes fat girls, or a fat girl who is a rapist? We may never know…
  • bitch a little girl
  • photos of bitch lady getting fucked – Fuck that, I want illustrations of bitch lady getting fucked.
  • why are the people in texas chain saw massacre so fucked up – Because they fucking live in Texas, that’s why.
  • boobs class – Is this like, an educational class about boobs, or is it about designating boobs into different classes? Such as “Awesome Boobs” and “Crappy Boobs”? I should probably Google what the official boobs classes are…
  • cell-phones are the devil – Not only are they the devil, but the only way to do research on them safely without them tracing you and killing your family is by using a hyphen.
  • have poltergeist ever shit in houses
  • ugly little girls


Thanks for checking in, I’ll get back to reviewing movies at some point…IF YOU’RE LUCKY!

5 responses to “The Big Bang Theory sucks dicks

  1. These are getting better and better.

    Also, you should help promote shows like Portlandia, Superjail!, Eagleheart, Funny or Die, Louie, Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace, Tosh.0, Parks and Recreation, Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!, The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret, Check It Out! with Dr. Steve Brule, Children’s Hospital, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Xavier: Renegade Angel, Party Down, and Eastbound and Down. Not The Big Bang Theory. Are you stuck with just basic cable or something?

    • I have watched some of these shows. Rampaige and I also recently downloaded Season 1 of An Idiot Abroad as well as Series 1 of The Ricky Gervais Show, which I blame on my brother. Have you seen those shows? Have you seen Archer? Jokes are so awesome!

      • I’ve actually seen parts of An Idiot Abroad and The Ricky Gervais Show, which seemed to have potential, though they were no Big Bang Theory. You ever actually watch The Big Bang Theory? Ever notice how the producers of that show love to dress the main characters (the geeks) in really bold colors and patterns? There’s always one of them wearing purple, and they’re all almost always wearing multiple layers. This fact distracts me so much that I’ve yet to pay attention to the dialogue. Craziest thing? Show continues to win awards and receive acclaim. People like it. America, likes it.

        I’ve yet to see any of the second season of Archer, but I’ll keep my eyes peeled. If you like Archer, I’d recommend Frisky Dingo. And if you like that, go back further in time and watch any season of Sealab 2021. Also, I just checked again, jokes are still awesome.

      • I have watched exactly two episodes of The Big Bang Theory, and they are both tied for the worst things I have ever seen. I really just can’t determine which to be worse.

  2. i’m so tired of hearing about the big bang theory. of course it’s bad….stop crying. crybaby.

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