Sunday Roundup

Because I got to work half an hour early, I figured I would “bang this out” right now, and give all of you folks something to read today. Anyways, once again, here are the most searched for terms of the past week. Search terms in regular type, my thoughts on who the fuck searches for that shit is in italics.

  • arbitrary boob action – No boob action is “arbitrary”, only necessary.
  • alien rape
  • the x men character that wears a black and red mask and has swords – Obviously talking about Green Lantern.
  • dungaree porn – Wouldn’t be a very good porn if they’re wearing dungarees.
  • bloody diarrhea causes – I’m glad they came to me for medical concerns.
  • mary kate winslet pilgrim – Combined the Olson twins with Scott Pilgrim. Awesome.
  • do not be such a dick
  • women super boobs
  • vagina covered in boils – I mean, gross. Just gross.
  • is it good to eat poop – Which reminds me, no, no it is not.
  • an old movie that a young gets raped and kiled by a shotgun – Sorry, I only talked about the new movie where that happens.
  • electric surfer vs human torch
  • why are people using yelp internet to complain – And you expected answers to this question?!
  • jessica alba’s hair in fantastic four – Hopefully this was so they knew what not to do.
  • naked albino boobs – Hehehe.
  • x men boobs
  • piranha bobs
  • website you can talk shit about people on – You’ve come to the right place!
  • “small child” with “big boobs” – Because putting that shit in quotes makes it less “creepy”.
  • you can eat shit and fucking die – You can? I always thought that was just a myth.

That’ll be it for this week, guys! Make sure you check back later this week because I plan on seeing Thor on opening day, and hopefully will have a review up later that day! Why? Because what the fuck else am I going to do with my life? Thanks for stopping by!







2 responses to “Sunday Roundup

  1. Naked albino boobs are the best kind of albino boobs! Is piranha bobs a haircut style? It should be.

    • I prefer albino boobs to be clothed albino boobs, but that’s just me. I’ll check with Rampaige about the piranha bob, she’s certainly the expert on both haircuts and piranhas.

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