Search Term Sunday!

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone! And more importantly, happy day after Free Comic Book Day everybody! Did you guys get comics yesterday? I went to two stores, just to make sure I could get a copy of everything I wanted. Don’t worry, guys, I only got one copy of each thing, so you know I wasn’t some stealer jerk. Anyways, here are my favorite search terms of the past week!

  • men in diapers
  • watching someone sleep
  • yaniv schulman topless – This is a guy, for those who didn’t know.
  • adults wearing diapers in the hospital
  • hellbonraiser
  • yelling – Or as I call it, CAPS LOCK.
  • a movie of a girl jump off the bridge raped after beiong rape – Slipping that “O” into being made me think Boeing, so, that’s why I chuckled.
  • freddy krueger with a baseball hat on
  • thomas jane face/off – Holy shit, Thomas Jane was in Face/Off?!
  • fat ugly heads
  • demon puking out green junk
  • woman ass pooping – As opposed to all the other areas she could poop out of.
  • movie of a gang that rape a girl and they end up getting killed by her and her family then being exploded by a microwave – Holy shit, I thought that Google had a limit to the amount of characters you could search for. Guess I was wrong!
  • awkward batman robin gay – I suppose Robin being gay would make things relatively awkward for Batman?
  •  chloe moretz hard nipple – Aw what the fuck, she’s like 13 years old. Goddammit, people.
  • gay diaper big boy
  • naked butts
  • huge boobs mother fuck
  • a punk cat in space – I’d settle for a punk cat on Earth, for starters.
  • girl raped by boys – How does this happen?!
  • tentacle nipples
  • is a horror film people live people die – I don’t know, is it?
  • women superboobs
  • chihuahua 2011
  • united fucking condoms
  • lightning storm boobies
  • male breast torture
  • you dumb bitch
  • naked monsters vs aliens
  • shit got mail – Starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.
  • woman with two pussies – Woman, singular, not women….dammit!
  • gay turtles
  • the unborn ass – How can you learn about an ass that hasn’t been born yet?
  • giraffe arms from star wars – Giraffe’s have arms?
  • busty girls in tube tops
  • what is boner – I’m glad I get to help in someone’s formative years. By the way, a boner is when someone puts a stick in your peehole.
  • big tit cenobites
  • big bang theory sucks – I’m glad that more people are starting to agree!
  • poop out of butt
  • lady butt fuck
  • danny trejo dick
  • lilith zombie strippers! – This person is quite excited, you can tell by the exclamation point!
  • michael chiklis cock bulge – I have a feeling that Chiklis himself searched for this.
  • i wanted to see a movie – Well good for you.
  • shannon elizabeth vigina – Nope, sorry, she doesn’t live in Virginia.
  • blond girl farting in face


I’m starting to run out of funny words that appear before people type “boobs” into th search engine, that it really takes something as magical as “lightning storm boobs” for me to include it. Good thing people are always on the quest for magical boobs, and come to me for the answers!

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