Search Party Sunday – Volume 10

Not just Sunday, but the Sunday of memorial Day weekend, no less! It has dawned on me somewhat recently the fact that I have never had holiday weekends off. I have always either been working at a movie theater, which are open every day, regardless of holidays, or have been working at the aquarium, which has similar operating hours. I never have gotten the chance to enjoy the “time off” and “festivities” that supposedly take place. That’s why I made it a point to force Rampaige to cook hot dogs and hamburgers and beans with me last night. And yes, Rampaige, beans are good, because I like how the sauce tastes.


  • pooping kid
  • demon fucking a human bitch – She might be a bitch, but at least she isn’t a demon!
  • girl who gets raped and then kills movie – I’m not trying to condone rape or anything, but that’s no reason to go out there and kill a movie.
  • mexican comic toilet vomiting
  • ben templesmith autograph – Why yes, I DID get his autgraph! It was right after I tried to ask him for his soiled underwear, remember?
  • best tentacle movie – How can you pick just one?!
  • girl rape and left for dead killer her raper movie – I wish it was just “killer her raper” because that’s the best part.
  • america fuck rape the gir; – There’s nothing American about fuck rape the gir;!
  • batman being raped – Quite a rapey week!
  • hot naked babes fucking each other
  • i like pizza multiplicity
  • wolfman huge boob – I don’t know if I’d say they were “huge”…
  • badass in wicker chair – When has anyone ever looked badass in a wicker chair?
  • open pooping
  • punching him in the dick


I have just now realized that I can no longer access the CRAZY shit that people have searched for just one time. I guess there is just too much traffic coming in that it only shows me the more commonly searched for phrases. FUUUUUCKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I’m going to have to start saving my favorite search terms EVERY day?! This is bullshit. As far as today goes:


  • money exchange at gas station
  • gay johnny storm
  • giantboobs – NO TIME FOR SPACEBARS!
  • the internet is a bunch of shit! – I agree!
  • superboobs
  • my boyfriends sister got murdered now he’s fucked up – I mean, that sucks and all, but, hahaha.
  • film where a woman gets raped in america by a group of men and a sheriff and gets revenge – A woman…getting raped…in America?! DOES OBAMA KNOW ABOUT THIS?!

There’s some more silly ones for you, hope it was worth my time!



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