Grace (2009) [REVIEW]


Other than the fact that she was in a couple Eli Roth films, I didn’t know too much about Jordan Ladd. She got her thigh fingered in Cabin Fever, which was pretty awesome, before having her face smashed open by that guy from Boy Meets World. She was also in Hostel 2, where she was very quickly decapitated. Not to mention she was in Quentin Tarentino’s Death Proof, where she spent most of her time hanging out with Eli Roth, before being completely destroyed in a car accident. I was a little hesitant to see how she would do in this film, especially considering the subject matter, but decided to give her a shot.


This might be the only time I saved and image as “dead baby canoodling”.

The story involves a woman (Jordan Ladd, duh) being eight months pregnant and getting into a car accident. The father dies in the accident, and there were possible complications with her pregnancy, but nothing confirmed. A month later, she gives birth in a tub, and when the baby pops out, it’s dead. The midwife, played by Samantha Ferris, says “Sorry, too bad, it’s dead”, but Ladd hangs out with the dead baby in the tub. For some reason, it comes back to life. After things are going seemingly normal, Ladd starts smelling something bad, and realizes it’s the baby. In addition to smell, the baby seems to be attracting flies. She starts trying to breast feed the baby, but the baby gets a little too into it and sucks blood from her mom’s nipples somehow. This escalates, and Ladd turns psycho and doesn’t leave the house. I won’t tell you what happens when the child’s grandmother sends a doctor over, because the ending was pretty entertaining.


I’ve certainly seen less attractive people measuring how much blood was in a baby bottle, that’s for sure.

Jordan was in pretty much every scene, so about 80% of the film relied on her and her acting abilities. And to my surprise, she actually pulled it off well. Considering I had never seen her in anything other than minor supporting roles, I was happy to see she could actually act, in addition to making most of the film pleasant looking. And speaking of pleasant looking, the film had a pretty cool visual style. Most of the film took place in one house, which was very clean, crisp, and stark. It didn’t look like the house was lived in at all, which I think might have been what they were going for, to show a carbon copy suburban household with something horrible going on. The style itself was similar to the French film Inside, which is interesting because they both involve pregnant women being in car accidents. Although the plot is pretty simple, it is a slow-paced film that isn’t even 90 minutes, so if you get the chance, I would recommend checking it out.


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