Things in our apartment…

I had been planning on doing one of these posts, one of those ones where I post things, and then you guys look at them. Turns out that there is a special occasion, which is that this post is number 250. A nice, cool, crisp 250. Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? As previously mentioned, I’m going to use this post to show you pictures of things in Rampaige and I’s apartment.

My Closet

Yup, that’s pretty much it. Things you can see are a bunch of Marvel Legends figures, including all three Zombie figures, some animal masks, an Atrocitus figure, and an Empire Strikes Back sleeping bag. And very small in the back of the closet you can also see the box for the Lego AT-AT set that I put together. One of these days, I like to think Rampaige will give me permission to put these things somewhere that isn’t locked in my closet.

Shelf #1

Most of those books on the right are a combination of subjects like cryptozoology, UFOs, and ghosts. There’s also a picture of Banner on that shelf, as well as a picture of Rampaige with her friend, and an elephant watering can that my sister got for Rampaige. That print on the wall is one that I got permission to hang up, which is Florian Bertmer’s “Howling Wolf” print. One of the first screenprints that I got, I bought it as soon as it went on sale, and, well, it’s awesome.

Shelf #2

That Darth Vader mask on the left is one that makes noises and distorts your voice, which I didn’t buy when it was originally released, and I instead bought it on eBay. I bought that Batman figure because I really only wanted to buy a small pin, but only had a card, and needed to add money to my purchase. The fertility idol from Raiders of the Lost Ark was a gift from Rampaige for Valentine’s Day last year, and is also a bank! That’s the last issue of Preacher that I got signed by Garth Ennis at C2E2 this year, and of course, some Star Wars Mighty Muggs. I need more of those!

Shelf #3

On the left you can see stacks of more books, mostly assorted comics/graphic novels/trade paperbacks, and if you look closely, one of the books is the Satanic Bible! So kvlt! More Mighty Muggs, as well as two sets of Mulder and Scully action figures, as well as a boxed set of figures from the Red Son story involving Superman, one of the few Superman related stories I enjoy. Also you can see a print with ghosts on it, and you might think that Rampaige got it signed by the guy who made it, but instead had it signed by Steve Gonsalves and Dustin Pari from the Ghost Hunters…even better!

Blu Rays

Certainly not the biggest collection out there, but I’m quite proud of the movies I’ve selected to get on Blu Ray. I made it a conscious effort to stop buying brand new DVDs once Blu Rays won the HD battle, and only bought used one. Clearly I was eagerly awaiting being able to buy some of these films, especially on Blu Ray. Both the Life series and Planet Earth series look fucking AWESOME on Blu Ray, almost 3D even. Sunshine, There Will Be Blood, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, and Zodiac were all movies I knew I would buy because I needed to see how awesome they looked in HD. Some of them were cheap, and that explains having Watchmen, in hopes that I would like it more, which I didn’t. Also, Stan Helsing was probably five dollars, used, and I bought it because I was just so fucking excited to have a Blu Ray player that I think it was one of the first ten I bought. Also, you can’t see it because of the glare, but yes, that’s Punisher: War Zone.

What I’m Reading

The book on the left is generally the one I carry around with me, but it’s mostly just the fictional book that H.P. Lovecraft talked about, and someone else wrote it. Some of the phrases and uses of language are interesting, but it’s mostly pictures and directions for casting spells. Really just trying to work my way through it. And on the right is something I’ve wanted for quite some time, and only recently did I discover it at Barnes & Noble at an affordable price.

My Jacket

Not always in my apartment, because sometimes I’m wearing it. However, with the increasing temperatures, it would probably stay behind closed doors more often. I have been wanting to sew a patch onto this jacket for a while now, it was only about two months ago that I was able to figure out what shirt to cut up and found the time to borrow Nate’s sewing machine. I’m sure all you punkers out there will be disappointed about it not being a band shirt that I cut up, but all your true punk rockers will know that limited merch is far too crucial to just cut up.

And there you have it, folks, post #250. In the past few days I have come close to breaking 500 views in a day, and I determined that one of my goals before the end of the year is to have a day where I hit 1,000 views. I figured, what better way of doing that than to post pictures of shit around my apartment? Hopefully you enjoyed this glimpse into my apartment, for those of you who have never been, and to all of Rampaige’s stalkers, I wanted you guys to see what this stuff looked like without having to use binoculars!

14 responses to “Things in our apartment…

  1. um. you didn’t show anything cool…like my vanity and robe. or my bra collection. or banner’s toys. or the amazing blanket i got from west elm. or my new nars eyeshadow.

    get real.



  2. I enjoyed this post because you switched it up. Also, your children will be so lucky to have all those wonderful things to play with. It’s like you have the first 9 Christmases complete.

  3. I’ve been to your house and I haven’t seen ANY of the things listed in these comments. Granted, I wasn’t wearing my glasses.

  4. Just noticed that the green version of Howling Wolf poster by Florian Bertmer is for sale on E Bay. No. 97 of 100 original prints.

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