First there were posters, now there are trailers!

Last week I included the recently released posters for The Dark Knight Rises and The Thing. Well now they have trailers! What dumb fucking luck. It’s almost like the filmmakers saw my post, and my post alone, and decided to release the trailers. What kind of person would I be for not posting them and including my thoughts?!

The Dark Knight Rises

Okay I get it, it’s just a teaser trailer, but still, this shows us nothing. We see a bunch of old footage, we see Gary Oldman in a hospital, and we kind of see a guy in a mask. I did enjoy the captions that let you know this would be the conclusion to the Nolan trilogy, as well as the fact that it didn’t seem to have a positive connotation to that. My assumptions, which might be completely wrong, are that Bane, the masked guy, is the one to finally physically defeat Batman. In the comics, he broke Batman’s back and left him a paraplegic¬†and Bruce asked someone else to take over as Batman. Eventually he comes back, but I’m hoping that this film ends with Christian Bale’s defeat, yet someone else taking over as Batman symbolically. I think that would give enough closure to the series yet still remain true to the “realistic” approach that Nolan has been taking. I’m also predicting that I will enjoy watching Anne Hathaway in a leather suit.

The Thing

Well, that certainly does appear to be a remake/prequel to the John Carpenter film. I guess not seeing too many computer effects in the trailer is a good thing, but they might be waiting to spring that shit on us. I still feel indifferent to this movie, because on the one hand, it does seem like they are setting this up as it’s own film that was merely filling in some openings that were left by the previous films. However, on the other hand, some of it looked a little too similar, which is why I continue to type that this is a remake/prequel. I mostly blame all of the beards that look fake.

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3 responses to “First there were posters, now there are trailers!

  1. Since I’m not alone in thinking The Dark Knight was exceptional on all levels, I know I won’t be the only one hesitantly approaching The Dark Knight Rises with caution, hoping it’s not a letdown. However, if those who see it ARE disappointed, I imagine they’re either fans of Batman, or fans of Nolan, because fans of both won’t be upset one way or another.

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