DC’s new Batman & Robin, Green Lantern, Red Lanterns, and Suicide Squad [REVIEW]

Green Lantern

This title caused me a little bit of confusion, because I know that Hal Jordan had his ring taken away from him at the conclusion of the previous Green Lantern title, but I thought that the events of Flashpoint changed a whole bunch of stuff? Maybe if I do some more internet searching I’ll find the timeline, but Sinestro is the titular Green Lantern of this series, and even he doesn’t seem happy about it. We see Hal Jordan being forced to pay rent, and when he thinks he sees a domestic dispute, he jumps through a window of another building to stop it, not giving a shit that he didn’t have superpowers. It was pretty cool. Hal has to adjust to life without these powers, until of course the end of the issues where Sinestro implies he can get him his power back. Geoff Johns is kicking ass writing Green Lantern and this might be what I’ve been most excited about so far with the New 52.


Red Lanterns

The first member of the Red Lantern Corps that we see is a cat…I was willing to set the book on fire and I was only a few pages in. We then got to see some of the other Red Lanterns, and even though I enjoy the idea of the Red Lanterns and that they are driven by rage, I don’t really connect to deeply with any one member of the Corps. The cat left long enough for me to enjoy the rest of the issue, but this might be one that I drop.


Batman & Robin

It’s good to see a little brat as Batman’s sidekick, which I guess will happen when you are Bruce Wayne’s son Damian. Rather than a Robin who is constantly trying to impress Batman and view him as some sort of deity, it’s nice to see Damien acting like a little asshole who doesn’t really give a shit whether or not he has Batman’s approval. Not a bad story, but I think I liked Detective Comics more than this as far as Batman titles are concerned.


Suicide Squad

This is a title I didn’t mention being interested in when I made that big post of what I was looking forward to, and mostly just picked it up on a whim. I figured it would be similar to Marvel’s Thunderbolts, which took a team of lesser-known villains and offered them the chance to reform. I was right about the lesser-known villain thing, but wrong about the idea of reform. Instead, the Suicide Squad is a force of death and destruction for hire. Some of the characters are annoying me already though, but this issue teased the death of a team member and I really hope it’s King Shark, because that guys makes no goddamned sense.

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