Debut episode of my podcast, SEND MORE COPS


THAT’S RIGHT, MOTHERFUCKERS. IT’S THE “SEND MORE COPS” PODCAST, HOSTED BY YOURS TRULY. It’s hard to turn off the caps lock while looking at that image, but here it goes. I know that no one really said they wanted me to do a podcast, nor did many people say they would listen to it. But this isn’t about you, is it? I wanted to do a podcast, so here it fucking is. I mostly really wanted a good name before I chose something like “The Wolfman Howleth” or something else equally as dumb. Debut episode is only 17 minutes, so download, plug in, turn it up, and bang your fucking head. Well, bang it against a wall to forget you ever downloaded it. You might also notice that there’s now a tab up on top of this page for the podcast that has up-to-date episode information and instructions on how to download it if you don’t know how to already. You can leave comments on that page if you have any questions of concerns. Thanks for checking it out!


Episode 1

On our very first installment, The Wolfman explains what the show is, where it’s name comes from, and how The Wolfman himself received his name. Also, he talks about Paranormal Activity, Return of the Living Dead, and things you can come to expect from this podcast.

5 responses to “Debut episode of my podcast, SEND MORE COPS

  1. maybe you should post this again to let people know it’s on itunes now. and tell them to rate it. and mention diora baird’s tits so you get a lot of traffic.

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