New SEND MORE COPS Episode: Stealing, Danzig, and Final Paranormal Saw Activity Destination


Episode 2

The Wolfman comes clean on where the cover art for the podcast came from and talks about how Danzig taught him how to steal things. Also, after seeing Paranormal Activity 3, the Wolfman decides to share his thoughts on the newest franchises in horror, comparing and contrasting Saw, Paranormal Activity, and Final Destination.


Remember folks, you can either get this through iTunes or through not iTunes. Or better yet, just subscribe! And if you do use iTunes to download this episode, PLEASE RATE IT! Whether you loved it or hate it, I am just sick of seeing “not enough information to display a rating”. I mean, I’d rather a crappy rating than no rating. And as always, feel free to comment here or on the SEND MORE COPS page with any of your thoughts. I hope you enjoy it!

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