Where are the goddamn comic books?!

I’m assuming that’s the inner monologue on most people visiting the site. I think it still says something about comic books in the banner at the top of the page, I’ve placed flyers in comic book stores, and those flyers even promised there’d be discussion of comics! AND ANGER! The question is, where are the goddamn comic books? Well, I’ll tell you, just give me a fucking second! Did you know that comic books cost money? They do. And if you’re like me, you like reading a lot of different titles. The problem with reading a bunch of titles is you have to spend a whole bunch of money and get really backed up. So backed up, in fact, that I am still buying issues that are promoting Green Lantern….THE MOVIE! I jumped ahead of my pull slot in order to review a bunch of DC’s New 52, making those some of the most current books I read. Back in October I was able to trim down quite a bit on titles I was pulling, but I’m still playing catch up. Luckily I got some gift certificates over the holidays and I was able to get so far as, wait for it, X-Men Schism! If you know about that event, you know it’s well over and done with, so that was an inside joke about how I’m still behind. I still have some more gift certificate money and look forward to being completely up to speed in a few weeks, so just deal with it.


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