The Wolfman Giveth Away: Ghost Hunters shirt!

Do you like Ghost Hunters? Of course you do! Steve is just so dreamy! Why am I giving this shirt away? Well, it’s a pretty funny shirt, so I didn’t really want to give it away, but my loss is your gain! The problem is that it’s a size XL, and I haven’t worn a shirt that big since high school. Not that I needed to wear an XL in high school, but that was cool back then. That whole wearing big clothes things. It’s on an American Apparel shirt which are normally a little slimmer than other t-shirts, so keep that in mind. Maybe you’re a craftier person than me and can figure out a way to sew it into something cool. Do whatever you want with it! I bet you’re curious as to how much this shirt will cost you. The answer is ZERO DOLLARS. It’s a giveaway! What I’m hoping I get out of this is just a little bit more traffic to the blog, so for your chance to win, get on Twitter and follow these steps:


1) Retweet my message about this giveaway.

2) Leave a comment on this page of what your favorite ghost/haunted movie is and your Twitter username so I can see you’ve retweeted it.

3) Make sure to fill out the correct email address when leaving a comment (don’t worry, I’m the only one who sees the email address so you won’t get spam).

4) Sit back, wait until Sunday, Feb. 12th for win a pick my favorite comment!


That’s it! Feel free to make the comment dumb/funny/wacky/whatever. I say I will pick my favorite, so it might be the worst answer or it might be the best answer, who knows what the hell it’ll come down to. I’ll contact you with the email you provided to get your mailing address, and fun will be had! Again, all you have to do is retweet, leave a comment with your username/email and favorite ghost movie, and then wait until Feb. 12th. Have fun and stay safe.

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