Maybe I got a little excited

Some of you (none of you) might remember that a few weeks ago, I was on a roll! I posted ten reviews in two weeks! Boy oh boy, wasn’t I productive. The only reason I did that was because I thought I’d be able to keep that pace, especially as summer was winding down. Unfortunately, having a “life” got in the way, so I apologize that I made you guys think I was going to post things more regularly. In the past two weeks, I have gone to THREE (2.5) conventions, pretty much eliminating my weekends, and trying to keep up to date with Breaking Bad has slowed down my movie watching. Never fear, as two weeks from now, I will be done with all (most?) conventions for the season and I can use my weekends to sit at home like an asshole watching things. Also, I recorded a new episode of SEND MORE COPS, as well as plan a convention recap episode to record sometime soon. Anyways, Thanks for stopping by and reading my excuses for being an asshole.

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