SEND MORE COPS Episode #12 – The Amazing Spider-Man ends, Twin Peaks, and more!



Episode 12

Not every movie Wolfman sees is a horror movie, but when he sees things that aren’t horrific, why would he want to review them? Well, you’ll get to hear a few thoughts on some films recently viewed by Wolfman. Does that sound boring? Well, yeah, you might be right. Wolfman also gives a rundown on his history with The Amazing Spider-Man (the comic, not the movie) and tells you his thoughts on hos the series “ended” and what he expects from the character in the future. Finally, he discusses his recently unlocked achievement of watching all of Twin Peaks, and he makes sure to talk about what he thought of the series and the movie. What are you waiting for?! Shove this shit into your ears!


As always, you can either download the episode through iTunes or through the show’s direct page.

4 responses to “SEND MORE COPS Episode #12 – The Amazing Spider-Man ends, Twin Peaks, and more!

  1. my phone will not let me download this until i get some bullshit app first. i guess i’m done with SMC. you had a good run.

    • Don’t worry man, you’re not missing much. Plus, I’ll probably end up saying all of these things to you in person anyway. Who needs to hear that shit twice?

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