The Wolfmug Cometh



I sure do like hot drinks! I thought it would be cool to get a mug with that stupid black metal looking logo I made, so I did it. I’d be an idiot to place an order for just one mug, so I decided to order slightly more than one mug, thinking maybe a few people would be interested in them. Are you? Well then buy one! I made a limited amount of these and I’m selling them for $10 (plus shipping) which is basically just me hoping to break even. Even if I don’t, who cares?! I’ve got all these badass mugs now that I can drink stuff out of. And you know what’s cool? These mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe! You might even be able to smash them and have them not break (but they’ll probably break). Just head over to my Big Cartel ( to order yours today. Oh, and of course I’ll include one of these “I hate the Wolfman” pins, because that’s why I made them. So people can promote that they hate me. Yeah, I’m a pretty funny guy.

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