Why is this blog any different?

Well, it’s not. I don’t think there are many blogs out there that are doing things that have never been done before, or even doing things that countless other people are already doing. If you read enough blogs, you will find you enjoy the writing style or sense of humor, which is what brings you back looking for updates. For the most part, this blog is for myself, to keep track of my thoughts on films, comics, and books. This will probably prove to be a better outlet than talking my girlfriend’s ear off about things she might be unfamiliar with, or helping my co-workers avoid getting into in depth conversations about they metaphysical implications of different films when they say “Oh have you seen ______?”. To try to predict everything that this blog will encompass would be frivolous, so to try and give some sort of “genre”, that would be a HORROR MOVIE BLOG. However, as previously mentioned, I watch more types of film, as well as feel compelled to comment on more than just film, so if something ever tickles my fancy, don’t be surprised to see it here. The Wolfman has spoken.


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