My Apologies, Dear Readers!

And by “dear readers”, I guess that mostly means Wolfgang. You might have noticed that the past few days have been slow around here, and as previously mentioned, my deepest apologies. I have been in the process of moving since about Sunday, and it has been a little difficult finding time to not only watch movies, but also to write about them. However, I am now in my new apartment, and I look forward to resuming my reviews as often as before! Honestly, I haven’t even returned my last reviews to Netflix, so as soon as I find a mailbox, we are back in action! In the meantime, let me update you by posting some pictures of a few things around my apartment.

Shown here is my DVD collection. You are probably thinking one of two things currently. 1) That certainly looks a lot like the monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey, which you are correct in thinking, or 2) That’s not really ALL that many DVD’s. I agree, my collection has been slacking as I had made the decision to stop buying DVD’s in order to prepare for buying Blu-Rays. The problem with that? Neither having money for a Blu-Ray player, money for Blu-Ray movies, or a sweet TV to watch them on. Oh well!

Here are some of my toys. Highlights for me include the set of Zombie Colonel America, Zombie Hulk, and Zombie Spider-Man, as well as the fertility idol from the opening of Raiders of the Lost Ark. The idol also doubles as a bank, which maybe someone relates to fertility? Either way, consider me empty!

Here’s what’s on my refrigerator. You can see a valentine with a picture of a bear and some sort of pun involving bears. Also, you can see a bill that is worth one million moons. It was given to me by a gentleman in Roswell, NM, after I purchased a crappy t-shirt. He told me I should keep it handy in case I needed to buy my way out of alien slavery. How bad-ass are those magnets though? I actually haven’t been reading the DC Comics event Blackest Knight, but I have been keeping update online with what’s happening. I really only wanted to have a magnet that said “RAGE”, but “DEATH” was so cool I had to get it, and then I bought a third because three is better than two…always.

And lastly, we have the image on my calendar for the month of April. It’s a calendar released by a company called Nerdcore that releases calendars with a different nerdy theme each year, and they always incorporate hot naked ladies. This year was horror films, and I think this image is supposed to be from The Exorcist, but who gives a shit what movie it’s from? I am distracted by the picture of a ladies butt. I did cut it off at the crack, but don’t worry kids, if you buy the calendar you get the whole thing.

Well that just about does it for this update guys. Sorry to keep you hanging on waiting for more reviews, but sometimes you have to put crappy movies on hold. If you are interested in staying up to date with all my updates, feel free to check my twitter:

You will find out when I have updated, as well as see pictures of pizza’s I will be eating. Thanks for checking in guys, until next time!

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