Power Girl


Giant boobs. There we go, I just took care of the first thing people think of when they think of Power Girl. I’ll be honest, that’s what my first thoughts were when I considered reading this series. The second thing I thought of was I would have to be an idiot to not read it. I posted on a comic book forum the fact that I wanted to read more DC titles, and to my surprise, someone recommended Power Girl. I thought it would be like Danger Girl, something that only horny guys read and not read by any actual comic book fans. So I took a chance and read the 11 issues of her ongoing self-titled series. And you know what? It’s actually pretty fun. Oh, and they show how big her boobs are quite often.


Apparently, abs used to be more important than boobs. Oh how the times have changed…for the better, of course.

Power Girl is the Earth-2 version of Supergirl. In case you don’t know what Earth-2 is, it’s an alternate dimension Earth in DC comics, and Power Girl was their version of Supergirl. In case you don’t know who Supergirl is, she’s like Superman, but a girl. And in case you don’t know who Superman is, you’re not missing too much. Ha! Take that, Clark Kent! Seriously though, Power Girl is the last of her species from a dying planet who gets her powers from the Earth’s yellow Sun. She is super strong, can fly, has heat vision, cold breath, and huge boobs. In her current series, she has come to New York City to try to give back to the people of Earth. Being super-powered means you can obviously punch all the bad guys and therefore protect the planet from evil, but she wants to do more for the Earth, and you can’t really just punch global warming. I mean, it would be convenient if you could, but it’s not that easy. Her secret identity is that of a CEO of a business where she is attempting to bring together great minds and offer them the resources to do good for the future, through science. And of course, bad guys get in the way, and she generally punches them.


I’ll take a busty girl fighting an albino gorilla over political strife any day of the week, thank you very much.

This series is just a lot of fun, which some comic books are afraid to do. Whether it’s Marvel or DC, we often find that there are issues being dealt with that mirror our current society, and through their characters they attempt to convey social commentary through epic events. There isn’t really anything wrong with that, and generally makes for interesting story-telling. There can be drawbacks to it as well, for example, mass confusion. Marvel had an event a few years ago called Civil War, where superheroes turned on each other, thus creating a Civil War. There was a title called “Civil War”, that was seven issues, as well as ¬†another 70 issues scattered throughout the Marvel Universe that you needed to read for the “complete” story. Or take DC, without using a specific example of one of their events, but they tend to just fuck up everything and you have no idea what is required reading and what is optional. I read Batman and Green Arrow, and sometimes only get to the shop once a month, so when I get home, read the story, and get to the last page, imagine how pissed off I am when I find that I have to buy a different title to finish what I started, and have that title to be sold out?! It sucks! Power Girl would be the opposite of that. The longest story arc I think lasted maybe three issues, so it’s been pretty easy to pick up wherever you want.


Ha ha! Get it?! There are globes in the way of her globes! And one of those uses of “globes” isn’t in the literal sense!

Is it anything new to have a female superhero with giant boobs? No, not at all. Since the invention of huge boobs and of comics, you will find the two being combined. What makes Power Girl more entertaining is the fact that, even though I only jokingly mentioned it earlier, they actually can be used as a super power, at times. Her appearance causes villains to assume she is all looks and no brains, and can use that to her advantage. And male super villains tend to get distracted while she is around, thus opening up a weakness they can take advantage of. It’s just bad guys showing up, explaining why they will win, then getting punched a lot. It’s a simple formula, but it’s a formula that works. Issue 12 will be the last issue for the current creative team, so either catch up now or wait until issue 13, if there is an issue 13. Also, here’s an apology in advance to Rampaige for using the word “boobs” in this review more than any other (so far).


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