Lost Highway (1997) [REVIEW]


Nine Inch Nails and boobs. Those are my initial reactions to this movie. I remember when it came out that Nine Inch Nails had that song “Perfect Drug” on the soundtrack, and that song ruled/rules. I think I considered buying the CD way back when, then realized I had no money because I was in Junior High. I remember thinking how awesome Bill Pullman was because Independence Day came out the year before, so I watched this movie once it got to HBO. I remember getting really bored and changing the channels, but one day I caught it once it already started and saw Patricia Arquette‘s boobs, which was awesome. Then I made damned sure to always keep it on when I stumbled across it. And now, 13 years later, I finally made it through the whole thing.


Bill Pullman, if you really loved her, you’d bring your saxophone to bed with you.

I’m going to try to summarize what happens in this movie, but it’s pretty weird, so, wish me luck. Bill Pullman is just being awesome and playing saxophone. He is boning Patricia Arquette, like, ALL the time. I think? Anyways, they have been getting strange videotapes left on their doorstep with footage of the two of them sleeping. Bill Pullman has some weird dreams, and he is found in front of Patricia Arquette’s body, with no explanation of why she’s dead or who did it, but he takes the blame. While he is in jail, he turns into someone completely different, a person who has been missing for years, so he gets released from jail (duh). This new guy falls in love with Patricia Arquette, again, who now is a different person with different colored hair. The two of them team up to steal money from some porno guy or something, then they kill him accidentally, drive into the desert and do each other. That’s when he turns back into Bill Pullman, and Patricia Arquette turns into Robert Blake? Or the devil? Then the house blows up and we see high-speed footage of someone driving down the highway.


You on the left! How’d you become a blonde?! You on the right! What’d you do with Bill Pullman and why did you cheat on Natasha Gregson Wagner?!

WHAT THE FUCK DAVID LYNCH, YOU’RE NOT MAKING ANY SENSE! Okay, I confess, I think I enjoyed this film more than some of David Lynch’s other films. I’m not some expert or anything, but Eraserhead was a little too surreal and didn’t have much of a story. Don’t get me wrong, it’s terrifying and really succeeds in what it’s intent was, but as far as a film with a story, I prefer this or maybe Mulholland Drive. Blue Velvet was pretty good, but I think I was expecting far more insanity, thus leading me to be disappointed, and that was mostly just a vehicle for Dennis Hopper to be insane, rather than a storytelling effort. I think this film really walks that line between having a cohesive story as well as just being bizarre and unsettling. How did Bill Pullman turn into some other guy? How can Patricia Arquette be two people? Why would fake Bill Pullman ever cheat on Natasha Gregson Wagner, is he an idiot or is he a retarded? These are the deep philosophical questions poised by this film. If you’ve never seen a David Lynch film before, I’d say this is a good barometer of whether or not you can handle his more bizarre films.


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