The results are in!

No, not the results of my HIV test! I have that, by the way. And no, not the test on whether or not I’m pregnant, because people with HIV can’t get pregnant, duh. I’m talking about the results of my very first ever poll! It might be my last one, too, considering I was really stretching for what exactly to put in there. The top three things you guys voted one were More Horror, More personal ranting/raving, and More Comics. In other words, you voted for more of all the things that I do on this website, so I’m a little confused as to how to take that. However, personal rantings and ravings got more votes than comics, so I’ll try to post more things related to “Inane Bullshit”, despite wanting to talk about comics. When it comes to newer content versus older content, they both got the same amount of votes, thus canceling each other out, therefore I will continue to review the exact same kind of content as before. The good news is that nobody wanted my reviews to be shorter and nobody wanted me to shut up, so I’ll take that to mean I am not talking too much, despite what Rampaige tells me. Which reminds me, I should have had a poll option for MORE BOOBS. Dammit.

In other news, in between watching Parks and Recreation on Netflix and Lost on Blu Ray, Rampaige and I have been breaking up the monotony by throwing in some segments from To Catch a Predator. These delightful moments are friendly reminders that no matter how shitty things get in life, at least neither of us are grown men sending pictures of our boners to supposed 14-year-old girls, only to show up at their house and have a camera run in and then go to jail. That’s only one of us guilty of that. Rampaige is also guilty of posting a sign in our yard that said “CLEAN UP YOUR DOGS SHIT, DUMBASS”. I know, the irony of using the word “dumbass” after forgetting the comma in “dogs” was pretty funny, but I did a quick proofread and added the comma in there. This was a few days before she woke up at 4am to open the window and yell at a different neighbor who was hanging out in his hot tub and listening to techno. Anyways, here’s a clip from To Catch a Predator that caused us to laugh our balls off. One of us figuratively, the other one of us literally.

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