Halloween II (1981) [REVIEW]


And here we go! The next series of films in the popular franchise tirade of anger are going to be the Halloween films. Having already reviewed the first, fourth, and fifth installments of the franchise, you’re going to have to look in the archives for those, rather than assume things will be happening sequentially. So you can just keep that in mind before asking yourself, “WTF WHY IS HE REVIEWING PART 2, BUT NOT PART 1? WHY DID HE SKIP 4 AND 5?”. You’ll just look like an idiot now for asking those questions, because I already answered them. Enough of that bullshit introduction, let’s move on to the actual review!


There’s just something so sexy about feathered hair and a hospital gown.

This film starts right where the previous film left off. Laurie, played by Jamie Lee Curtis again,  was just attacked by Michael Myers, and Dr. Loomis played by Donald Pleasence, has just rescued her. When they go to investigate the body, they don’t find it, so Dr. Loomis gets help from the police force to track down Michael while Laurie goes to the hospital. Dr. Loomis thinks he is chasing down Michael, after seeing someone in a mask running from the cops, and that person gets blown up by two cars crashing. While trying to figure out if it’s actually Michael, Michael is getting a head start and heads towards the hospital to finish what he started. Dr. Loomis’s assistant informs Laurie that she is Michael’s sister, and we then are reminded of the fact that Michael has already killed one of his sisters for unknown reasons. Dr. Loomis gets to the hospital in time to help Laurie, by shooting Michael a whole bunch more times. It isn’t until Laurie shoots him in the head and blinds him with blood that Dr. Loomis can then release a tank of ether in the room while Michael stumbles around, then lights the room on fire, “killing” Michael Myers.


What a dark, cold soul Michael Myers has. He even cries tears of blood.

The most notable thing about this movie is the reveal that Laurie is Michael’s sister, but other than that, nothing really exciting to report on. It was written by John Carpenter, so you can’t be too mad about anything that goes on, but it’s not as much scary as it just exists to add more information to the myth of Michael Myers. You’ll see in future films that Michael has some sort of vendetta or connection to family members, and that’s why he keeps going after them. Also, having this film start right where the previous film left off was kind of weird, because I mean, how long can that night be? Once it turns midnight, shouldn’t the movie title have changed to “November 1st”? That’s not as scary, but a good amount of activity happens when it’s no longer Halloween. Also, there’s a scene where Loomis finds the word SAMHAIN scrawled on a chalkboard at Michael’s former school, so that implies some sort of connection to Halloween and why he has come back, but it’s only a vague implication. Not that bad of a movie, but you kind of expected a little more, considering Carpenter wrote the script.


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