There’s been some changes ’round these parts…

You might notice, or not notice, if you’re a fucking retard, the new layout of the page. I guess I should have fucked around with the theme options earlier on in my blogging career, seeing as I like this theme much more than the previous ones. One change you might notice is the header up at the top that has a picture of Kurt Russell and my blog title. I wish I could fucking move that damn search box in the header, but I can’t. That’s why everything is kind of crammed over to the left side. You also can click “leave a comment” at the top of the page, as well as the bottom. If you go to the archives on the right, you now longer have the option of seeing the title of the post, you just choose a month and get to scroll through all the posts for that month. One of the biggest bonuses is the fact that this theme allows sub-categories under each category, which is a huge help. Why, you might ask? Well, now if you go to the top of the page, when you put your cursor over each category, there’s a drop down menu showing the star, or “moon”, rating of each thing I’ve reviewed. This way you can easily views posts based on how much I enjoyed them! That’s good, right?! That’s what I thought. So now what? Well, I don’t know, but it took me all night to re-categorize everything and I wanted to share my joy with you, internet!

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