Look at this shit I got in the mail!

Give me a break, I’m excited, okay?! I normally use my PayPal credit limit to buy shit I don’t need, and these items were no exception! And the fact that they all showed up on the same day, well, cool for me! First we have this t-shirt:


Yes, I know that it’s misspelled, and it’s supposed to be that way. Why? Great question! Who knows! These punk rockers are weird. I’m just excited it finally came, since I originally ordered it two months ago. After multiple emails, a shipment to a house I haven’t lived at in 5 years, and me crying myself to sleep every night, Hellfish finally came through. Thanks guys! I also got this 18 x 24 print, limited to only 200 copies:


I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right, I have never even seen this movie. I haven’t seen any of the Maniac Cop movies, but look at how awesome that poster is! I figured that if I watch the movie and don’t like it, I can always resell it. Or not, I mean, those colors are awesome. And lastly, I got this 24 x 36 print, limited to 125 copies:


And it looks even more brutal in person. This print is also the reason I got that Maniac Cop 2 print, because they went on sale at the same time, and I figured I might as well get both. Big thanks to Mondotees.com, who I bought the prints from. I don’t think Rampaige is going to let me hang up either, and if I were to choose between the two, then it would be that one. I would kindly appreciate it if we could start a petition in the comments section to allow me to hang up that one. Don’t worry, there will be movie reviews coming up soon, and less bragging about things I bought. And if you thought this post was bad, just be glad that I didn’t post about all the Blu Rays that I’ve bought within the past two weeks!






Okay fine, I bought The Social Network, The Last Exorcism, Inception, Birdemic: Shock and Terror, The House of the Devil, and The Orphanage. That’s what you get for complaining!

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