It’s that time of the week!

As I’m writing this, today is officially my busiest day on the blog! Mostly thanks to Insidious, I’d say, or maybe just thanks to people Googling thinks like “Insidious demon red face”. What can I say, I know how to tag shit that people are probably searching for. I’d also like to mention that Rampaige found a horror anthology on Netflix that was apparently on NBC two years ago called “Fear Itself” that I’m excited to finish watching. Also, Rampaige and I just finished watching a documentary called “I Think We’re Alone Now”, which I would review, if it wasn’t for the fact that I’d be nervous of the people from the movie sucking my soul out through the computer. It was about two people, one 50 year old with aspergers who was arrested for stalking her a few times, and another person who considers themselves instersex who has only been able to find comfort in the music of Tiffany. Fucking terrifying, on multiple levels. Anyways, on to the funny search terms!

  • julia louis dreyfus boobs – Is that you, George Costanza?!
  • oh …i always thought it was just an allegory – Wrong, it’s a metaphor.
  • jacks beard lost – I think I’m guilty of Googling this a few times as well.
  • butthole in french – This should be in any French to English dictionary.
  • blowjob knee pads
  • witch bitch shadow
  • you fucking night mare – Night mare? Like a horse of the night?
  • image of most furious scene in the unborn – How does one judge which one is the most furious?!
  • sloppy freakshow babies
  • abs are more important than boobs – I guess this was typed in when people were Googling shit on opposite day.
  • tentacle breast
  • babes tentacles
  • wonder woman fucking power girl
  • tmnt bondage
  • dead douchebag
  • the unborn ass
  • nazi zombies strippers ninja – Three of these things are cool, one is not…you be the judge!
  • chick boobs
  • creep boner
  • a midget inside a toilet
  • chick with huge boobs driving car
  • really huge boobs – This week has been pretty boob heavy, but I never get sick of the adjectives used in conjunction with boobs.
  • myvagina20 tumblr – I Googled this myself and the only thing that came up was one result, which was my website. Now that I’m typing this, there will be two results. I feel like there’s a conspiracy going on here.
  • movie about these people in a town and if they go into the fog something will kill them at the end they all die but the dad – I had no idea that any search box could fit this whole search query.
  • the big bang theory sucks
  • if michael myers only comes out on halloween, what does he do the other 364 days of the year? – I ALSO WANT TO KNOW THE ANSWER!
  • tmnt gay porn
  • naked pics of casper van dien
  • kicked in the vagina marvel comics

Well, that about does it for this week, I’ll see ya next week everybody! Or, if you check the site before next week, I’ll see you before then. Or if you’re Rampaige, I’ll see you in Hell! Hahaha!

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