Search Party Sunday

As you can see, I am having trouble coining one specific phrase that encompasses these posts I make on Sundays. Although, I do like the fact that I was just able to use the term “search party”, because it reminds me of Star Wars as well as parties. Also, this week was another record-breaking week, with my highest day of visits being reached again, with 593 visits in one day! I’m starting to wonder if WordPress is maybe just doing something wrong, because how the fuck could there be that many people actually coming to this site on purpose OR accidentally? Either way, here are the things people searched for this week.

  • mary elizabeth winstead ass
  • chris hemsworth thor hair
  • werewolf movie man holding girl breast
  • the wicker man naked – I mean, it’s just a guy made out of sticks, so I don’t know what that would look like…
  • captain america punching hitler
  • saw paranormal activity – Oh yeah? Well, I saw it too, and you don’t see ME bragging about it to Google!
  • girl tries underwear
  • thor’s beard movie – I didn’t know they made a whole movie about it already.
  • Дагон (фильм) – This took people to my site three times. Anyone wanna translate it?
  • old movie about a man turns into some kinda monster animated like the ninja turtles movie – My favorite part is the “kinda” part.
  • dick in horror movie
  • kick ass hit girl blowjob – Great. now I just feel gross.
  • piranah boobs – Just as a heads up, they don’t actually have boobs.
  • sky muvi
  • chihuahua temper
  • riley steele love fool riley steele – I put her name there twice, just in case you didn’t catch it the first time, Google.
  • horse chasing dog butt fuck
  • 2 bears highfiving – …………..


  • hot do i kill a tree withc is 25 ft
  • great boobs
  • men in dippers – Oh you know, just dippin’ around.
  • fucking naked girls have sex with boys – Not just regular naked, but FUCKING NAKED!!!!!
  • how to tell if someones wearing a diaper
  • wearing diaper to the lake] – We’re pretty heavy on the diapers this week.
  • stan without hat
  • fat boy school pooping
  • sexy movies fuking man to awomen
  • show me video of sex scenes in the remake night of the demons – Looks like people are getting so retarded that they are just typing in their demands to Google now.
  • you just pissed on a gypsy
  • butthole open – Do I really talk about buttholes THAT much?
  • naked strippers completly
  • steve gonsalves shirtless – Yup, had to be Rampaige.


There you go, everybody. Slurp that shit right up, I know how much you love it. Thus concludes the Search Party Sunday!

4 responses to “Search Party Sunday

  1. banner must have googled ‘chihuahua temper’

    i googled ‘how to tell if someone’s wearing a diaper’

    sundays are the best days

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