DC pulls a “do-over”

And by DC, of course I mean the comic book company. I almost typed out “DC Comics”, only to realize that it would be like saying “Detective Comics Comics”, which is as dumb as “PIN Number” or “ATM Machine”. So when I say DC, I mean the Batman guys. You know, those guys! The word from Dan DiDio is that “In direct response to a post that was made on The Wolfman Cometh blog, which, by the way, is our favorite blog here at DC, in which the Wolfman claimed we couldn’t become number one (which can be viewed right here, by the way), we are starting over with more than 50 titles being renumbered to issue one, therefore, making us number one”. Well, that was a synopsis of what he said, basically. I can’t help but think I was foreshadowing this event when I did talk about the specificity of saying “number one” as being different from “the best”. Along with renumbering their comics, they’re also going to supposedly change characters identities, backstories, uniforms, and even some of their origins. For example, Commissioner Gordon’s daughter, who is currently wheelchair bound and is known as “Oracle”, will become the new Batgirl, who has the use of her legs. How can she use her legs? Because fuck it, it’s number one, we do what we want. Also, I read that Supergirl will no longer wear a skirt, and that a few other female heroines will get costume changes that are more modest. I hope I get to see Power Girl in more pantsuits. I see two results with this direction, and neither are that good. One option is it sticks and is successful and a whole bunch of new readers pick up on the number ones, only to eventually reach pinnacle numbers like Action Comics or Detective Comics #1000 within the next few years, and not really acknowledge those landmarks. DC claims they won’t be doing this, and maybe issue numbers don’t matter, but when you are claiming to be starting over, you should at least stick with it. The other option, which doesn’t seem as likely, is that after 6-12 months and not gaining any readers, they renege on the whole thing completely, and switch back to the old numbers. Anyone remember the death of Superman? Yeah, that didn’t last long. It’s not like it would be strange for DC to go back on their word or anything, it just comes across as indecisive. I guess I would prefer the first option, or a third option that I don’t know about, but those are my predictions. As I’ve mentioned before, I love some DC characters more than Marvel, and I really hope things work out for them.

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