No, not the religious rock band. The guy from The Office. More specifically, Creed Bratton, from The Office. How the fuck could I have forgotten that we met him last week? Let me take this opportunity to show you that Rampaige met Creed, with this shitty, out-of-focus cell phone picture.


And another exciting thing is that on the first day of the 6th month, which was two days ago, this blog was viewed 666 times! The number of the feast! Is that what it’s the number of? I keep forgetting…because I’m hungry.

2 responses to “CREEEEEEEED!

  1. I told that story 4 times the next day and every single person thought I was referring to Scott Stapp. I work with idiots.

    • Wow. Must have been a slow work day for you to be able to tell that story FOUR times. Aren’t you supposed to be a boss, and everyone is being bothered with the Creed Bratton story?!

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