Apparently I suck at blogging

In the never-ending quest to gain more readers, I decided to start perusing what WordPress had to say about increasing your daily views, and learned some terrible things.  One thing that they mentioned had to do with the so-called “tags” that are associated with each post. WordPress claims that the best amount of tags to have for each post is between 5-10. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! I have at least 500 tag on every single thing I post, so I’m fucking up big time in that respect. I figured that the more tags, the higher the possibility of someone accidentally finding my site, right? Who the fuck knows. Another thing that they mentioned was include links on my blog to other people’s blogs, because they then might return the favor. I have considered this, but ultimately, I wouldn’t want to lead any readers astray. Did I just mean to type “ashtray”? No, I meant to say “astray”. What I’m trying to say is that there are very few websites that I check with any regularity because they are websites I consistently enjoy. I have no idea what other people might enjoy, so I feel weird encouraging someone to check out something that even I don’t check with any regularity. Hopefully no other reader’s take this personally and can see where I’m coming from before I get lots of hate-mail. Even though I know this isn’t going to help and since I already teased you guys with it, the following websites are all linked up to my Google Reader. If you think there are any websites I’m really missing out on by not checking, feel free to post a comment.

Awkward Family Photos
Bleeding Cool
Bloody Disgusting
Superhero Hype
I Watch Stuff
OMG Posters
Penny Arcade
Street Boners and TV Carnage
Upcoming Horror Movies
People of Wal-Mart

Maybe you’ll like some of those, maybe you won’t. I’m not trying to back them up, I’m just telling you what I check, okay?! Before I say goodbye, I’d also like to encourage you try to subscribe to my posts via the new little box to the right of this post. I know some people have mentioned issues with subscribing, but that new thing on the right is new, so I think you should give it a shot. Oh, and make sure you add me on Twitter for all your Wolfman needs! Smell ya later.

5 responses to “Apparently I suck at blogging

  1. One thing I’d definitely suggest to gain more readers is posting on set days and commenting on other blogs. Doing so will draw more traffic and therefore, readers, to your page. I actually posted a blog yesterday about this topic, because I recently made that change and it has helped my blog tremendously. 🙂

  2. We have the same problem. Traffic comes and goes – some days we have 80 views, some days it’s like 15. Someone once told me that you should post a new blog as ofter as you would water a plant, because that is how often people visit your site if they are a regular. We cut back on the amount we posted from 5 times a week to about 3. We still have the same amount of traffic, but are not constantly pushed to spit out new material. Those tag do help though, that is how I found this site and I really enjoy your reviews.

    One page I visit daily is a nerd/movie/game site at, it covers everything that I’m in to and is usually pretty funny.

    • I’ll make sure to check out that topless robot…you had me at topless! And that’s interesting that people are mentioning either less posting or posting at regular intervals. I guess that with the blogs I check, I’ve never thought “I’d enjoy this more if there was less content”. There’s also plenty of times where I don’t watch anything worth reviewing for 4-5, others where I post 5 reviews in two days. It’s all paying off though, because this blog is getting me a press pass to the Wizard World convention. Stick with it!

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