Sorry guys, but I’m not dead

I know that’s what you’ve all been thinking! You’ve been wondering why it’s taken me so long to post ANYTHING here at all, and there’s two reasons. The first reason is that I’ve been out of town for almost a week to attend my friend Beardy’s wedding. Not only did I attend, but I was also one of those guys who had to stand up there and try not to fart! And how was I rewarded by Beardy for not farting? Well, we are both going to Star Wars Celebration VI. That means I’ll be going to Orlando, FL, which I’m pretty sure I vowed never to do, because Florida is a piece of shit. I suppose that if it means getting to hang out with Star Wars fans for a weekend, it’s worth it. While back in Massachusetts, Rampaige and I were too busy attending a weddings, going to the Big E and eating disgusting food, going to Cape Cod, as well as stopping by the TAPS headquarters in Warwick, RI. Sorry, but I couldn’t find time to watch some shitty movie to complain about later, and instead went to see Drive…again. The second reason there hasn’t been a review is because I do a good amount of reviews on my lunch break at work, and even though I’ve typed up the review of the last movie I’ve watched, it’s not a movie I want the people at work to see me Googling or saving pictures from. Have no fear, you’ll get your filth soon enough, but give me some time. That’ll be it for now, folks, as I hope to regain far more regular posting, so thanks for checking back and sticking with me.

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