SEND MORE COPS now available on iTunes

I know, right? SHIT’S GETTING SERIOUS. What does this mean? Well, you can still subscribe to it the same exact way you did before. Only NOW, I think you can rate it? I don’t know, you might have been able to rate it before, but Apple sent me an email and they were all excited to tell me my podcast had been approved. So what are the ways to get it now, you ask? Well, you can go to the Apple page for the podcast here:


Don’t like Apple because Steve Jobs is dead? Well, then instead, you can go to this link and download any available episodes:

Non-Apple page for SEND MORE COPS

You can also go into the iTunes store and type in SEND MORE COPS and click the podcasts because it’s the only one named SEND MORE COPS. I wonder how many times I can type SEND MORE COPS in this post? I guess a few more times, at least. I hope you guys like it, I hope to get another episode out early next week. But until then, just listen to the first episode of SEND MORE COPS a few more times. And if you can somehow rate it on iTunes, whether you like it or not, so that way they have some statistics to tell me. I LOVE STATISTICS. SEND MORE COPS.

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