SEND MORE COPS – Episode 4 out now! I have a guest in this one!

Here’s the new episode you freaks! This one’s a little bit longer than the others, but don’t let that running time intimidate you. I didn’t do any editing after we recorded it, so if it sounds like shit, feel free to let me know. Or if it sounds great, let me know. If you liked listening to me with a guest, let me know. If you want more of me just yelling about pointless bullshit on my own, let me know. Notice a trend here? Thanks to JD for regularly providing feedback about the episodes, but other than him, I don’t even know if anyone listens to it. Point being, LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK. Or you could even leave some feedback on iTunes and everyone will be able to see it! Again, it can be downloaded through the show’s direct page or through the iTunes page. Or better yet, just subscribe! Enjoy!


Episode 4

Get comfortable, folks, because this goddamned episode is a whole HOUR LONG! That’s right. 60 minutes. What could cause such a long episode to occur? Well, it’s the first time the Wolfman has brought a guest on the show, and that guest is his friend Duke. What on Earth could we talk about for a whole hour? Well, there’s a few subjects tackled, such as: is the Walking Dead TV series really that good? How can someone use the phrase “the book was better” without looking like a pretentious douchebag? Why do people enjoy fantasizing about the zombie apocalypse? All these questions, and more, are addressed. ZOMBIES!

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