New episode of SEND MORE COPS out now! Dragon Tattoo, Diablo Cody, and Christmas!


Okay guys, I’ll admit, the main reason that I released this episode was because I figured I wouldn’t get the opportunity to blog much until after Christmas and I figured some of you guys had time to kill on your holiday travels. What does that mean? That means you can get ready to face your family after listening to how angry I am about things! Also, this podcast features the very first EXCLUSIVE review of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. In other words, you can hear my thoughts on it in this episode, but I will not be writing up a formal review for it. Some of you might say it’s because I’m lazy, whereas others will say it’s because it’s difficult to dissect a movie whose strengths lie in the plot. Well, you’re both right! Either way, download this episode through iTunes or through the direct page and enjoy!


Episode 5

The Wolfman is back to his old ways of, well, talking to himself for prolonged periods of time. Just in time for the holidays, he weighs in on some of his holiday favorites. He also mentions a few trailers he’s excited about and starts ranting about how much he managed to hate in one five minute segment of the Diablo Cody written “Young Adult”. Not to mention the SEND MORE COPS exclusive review of David Fincher’s newest film, “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”. A wonderful way to spend some time on your drive or flight to see people you care about!

2 responses to “New episode of SEND MORE COPS out now! Dragon Tattoo, Diablo Cody, and Christmas!

    • I tried seeing a therapist about it, but they said I was already too obsessed with (insert pop culture here) than I was with Ms. Cody. (End comment with wacky phrase that is similar to a vulgar phrase popular in youth culture.)

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