Mr. M of Last Night I Dreamt of Monsters [SHITTY INTERVIEW]

When I thought of starting up this segment of the blog, I knew the best way to call attention to it. I posted it on Twitter, asking for submissions, offering people the exciting opportunity to get involved in this endeavor. After that call, someone immediately answered that call with joyful exuberance. That man was Mr. M. Despite me not knowing who he was, and presumably him not really knowing who I was, we both embarked on a magical journey. The following interview is the result of that journey. I feel it exemplifies the spirit of what my Shitty Interviews really aim to be: an entertaining interview with someone who I don’t have good questions for. I hope you all enjoy it.



The Wolfman: Mr. M, do you mind if I call you Mr. M? You make up half of the musical dynamo known as “Last Night I Dreamt Of Monsters”. Are you named after that movie “Monster” starring Charlize Theron? Is Charlize Theron the other half of your group?

Mr.M: Charlize Theron? It isn’t safe to be seen with someone known to work with the Monicans! Besides, what’s up with that friend of hers with hands where her feet should be? That’s just too damn much. Slade Templeton of Fidget House act Defunct! makes up the other half of ‘Monsters. I prefer to work with people who still have feet for feet and aren’t convicted serial killers. Besides, Slade is a top notch, professional DJ. Quite literally “World Class.”


WM: Okay, you caught me, I was just being silly. I know you got your name from the movie, dare I say film, “Little Monsters” starring Howie Mandel. Would you say your sound is more “Deal or No Deal” Howie or more “Walk Like A Man” Howie?

M: I’d say it’s more “Bobby’s World” Howie. Very animated, brightly colored and wishes to hell it could be more like “Rugrats.” “Deal or No Deal” Howie looks ready to be shot out of a cannon. Wonder if we could book that as a side act. Hmm…



WM: Last Night I Dreamt Of Monsters consists of two members, thus making you guys a “duo”. Did you know that “duo” means “two” in a variety of languages, including English? This begs the question: have you ever seen “Hot Shots: Part Deux”? Deux means “two” in one of those Europe languages.

M: I have. The best part’s the one with Charlie Sheen in it.


WM: While checking out your page on Soundcloud (, I couldn’t help but notice your biography contained words like “horror”, “terror”, and “nightmares”. However, I listened to your music and didn’t experience horror, terror, nor nightmares! Just dancing sensations! Am I doing something incorrectly?

M: Absolutely not. Horror, terror and nightmares are withdraw symptoms of our incredible dancing sensations. I’m sure you’ll experience them soon enough. Buy our EPs (and the album later this year) and you’ll be just fine.



WM: When I had asked you for some more information on your music, I got a shit ton of links, including one that took me to your YouTube page ( Do you have a favorite funny internet video? If not, I recommend checking out that one where a kid opens up a Nintendo 64 and freaks the fuck out. It’s funny because no one gives a shit about Nintendo 64 anymore.

M: Nin-ten-do? How do you even pronounce that? I think you’re making that up. I’m a big “David After Dentist” fan. That and people falling down stripper poles.


WM: Okay, so I just clicked on your YouTube page and noticed two things with your video for “Discobot”. First thing: the first ten seconds hurt my eyes and made me take a nap. Second thing: you’re on a Canadian record label (Audio Planet Recordings)…WHAT THE FUCK?! Have I been conversing with a covert Canuck this whole time? If not, how did you get involved with a Canadian label if you’re from the good ole U S of A?

M: Nope. Not Canadian at all. Unless the people reading this are European, then yes. Yes we ARE Canadian. PLEASE don’t hurt us! The Canadian label (Audio Planet Recordings) is actually one of many that we’ve had the pleasure of working with (I almost said “releasing on” but that would’ve just GIVEN it to you.(haha… give it to you)) We’ve also worked with labels from the UK, Denmark and America. We had a brief fling with an Italian label once, but we’ve apologized for that enough already.



WM: You claim to be the vocalist of the duo, yet I heard not one single lyric that sounds ANYTHING like Nickelback. how can you claim to be a vocalist without any Nickelback-esque sounds? Are you guys robots? Wait, were you the robots from the video?! WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING?!

M: Yes. We are robots. Sent here to cleanse humanity of the scourge that is Nickelback… and to dominate and enslave you of course.



WM: Other than robots, slightly smaller robots, and Howie Mandel, who are some of your influences? This can be answered as either creative influences, lifestyle influences, religious influences, or even influenza influences.

M: Horror movies. Bloody, gory, grit your teeth, mother-in-law in the shower kinda scary stuff. We also like long walks on the beach, pleasant conversations on a rainy day and disco music. We have too many incredibly talented friends to be able to break down our influences enough to fit here. Hint to readers: take a look at who we follow on SoundCloud to get a good idea of what influences us.(


WM: Other than robots, slightly smaller robots, and Howie Mandel, what kind of fans are you looking to attract? I was originally planning on asking what kind of fans make up your fanbase, but you haven’t even released a full-length album yet! Not that I’m doubting you, potential future robot overlords, but I’m certainly hopeful that this year will be the year of Last Night I Dreamt Of Robots and you’ll be huge (and you’ll spare me from the slavery that all my homo sapien brothers are doomed to carry out.)

M: We want EVERYONE! We dish the disco with a heavy helping of zombies, a side of serial killers and a furry-booted, hula hoop girl to wash it all down with. We’re the Disco a guy doesn’t have to feel guilty about. And we’re writing our first full length album now to prove just that.

As for you, Wolfman, I suppose we can consider putting you on the “No Slavery” list. So far we only plan to spare, Bill Murray, Denzel Washington (oh, Denzel!) and that David After Dentist kid – to be kept heavily sedated for everyone’s amusement, of course. Although… that might actually make the David kid a bit of a slave. Hmm… whatever.



WM: Lastly, is there any shit you’d like to talk on me for a second? Feel free to do so now! Also feel free to plug any tour dates, album release dates, date dates, those kinds of things.

M: Shit talk you? You’ve been a very pleasant wolf-faced man of a beast! We really appreciate your interest. Besides, I couldn’t think of anything bad to say of you. Especially not the fact that you often have incredibly funny tweets that I’m not allowed to re-tweet due to the lock on your account. It isn’t even slightly frustrating.

We have a number of EPs and incredibly well made remixes for sale right now. Just search for “Last Night I Dreamt of Monsters” on your favorite digital music download site (try for highest quality.) The aforementioned song “Discobot,” on the EP “Discobot” will hit your favorite online music store March 15th. And, as I previously mentioned, we’re currently working on our first full length album to tentatively be released in late Spring/ early Summer of this year, with some serious touring to support it. So… we can crash at your place, right?



I’d like to thank Mr. M once again for taking part in this spiritual quest, especially because he even formatted all of the response correctly! All I had to do was copy and paste! The pictures were my idea. All mine! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!


Check out Last Night I Dreamt of Monsters on:





Official Site


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