Hey guys, let’s talk! About our feelings!

I lied about the feelings part. Some of you might have noticed, others probably didn’t notice, that it’s the third week of February and I have only reviewed three movies. What gives!? Obviously I’ve still posted things, but only three of those things were reviews. Between my Shitty Interviews, my actual interviews, and my attempt at a giveaway, I’ve been trying to do some new things to spice up the site. I’d also like to mention how much of a failure that giveaway was. NOT A SINGLE DAMNED RESPONSE! That means I still own that giant fucking Ghost Hunters shirt. I’ve also spent some time trying to track down interviews with my computer time, as well as using computer time for things completely unrelated to horror movies. I’ll be going out of town next week, and rather than continuing to not post things, I figured I’d see if any of you guys had anything to say. Have you enjoyed the Shitty Interviews? What about those other interviews I did? Would you rather me cut that shit out and just post more reviews and with more frequency? And what about that new banner I made for the top of the page? Pretty awesome, in my opinion. BUT WHAT’S YOUR OPINION!? ON EVERYTHING!?

4 responses to “Hey guys, let’s talk! About our feelings!

  1. Posting more reviews and with more frequency sounds good to me! Especially since it’s the main reason I check out your site every so often. Interviews are a pretty interesting read too, but personally I’m not that fussed…just do as many as you feel like doing…

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