Tom from No Trigger [SHITTY INTERVIEW]

When I started up with this whole “Shitty Interviews” concept, I really just threw the idea out there to see if anyone wanted to be interviewed. That didn’t work, so I started trying to cash in on friends of mine who have accomplished things in their lives to see if I could suck their souls out a little bit. I think that out of all of my friends, Tom has traveled the furthest and most often. Also, when I am with a stranger who is familiar with “melodic hardcore” or “pop punk” or whatever the fuck you want to call it, the name “No Trigger” seems to be the most recognizable. What I’m trying to say, is a I frequently namedrop Tom and use his band to make myself sound cooler than I really am. And in case you forgot, none of the images featured in this article have ANYTHING to do with Tom, other than I used some words he said and plugged them into Google Image. Enjoy!



WolfMan: Tom, may I call you Tom? Tom, it’s been six, SIX goddamn years since your band, No Trigger, has released a full length album. What gives?! Was it because you thought the last album, Canyoneer, sucked so bad? I mean, I’m not saying it sucked, I’m just implying you thought it sucked. What other reason could there be?

Tom: You might be exactly right. It may have sucked so bad that we needed to give people 6 years to forget about it and try our hand at album writing again. Hopefully it takes this time.


WM: Even though it’s been a few years since you’ve had a full-length release, you did release the two song “Be Honest” EP, and have still been able to tour the world. Clearly No Trigger is a band who can make more of an impact with one album than most bands can make after releasing multiple albums. How has your fanbase evolved since your last album?

T: I think our fanbase was just annoyed that we never put out a follow-up album way back when so when we spit out a 2-song 7” last year, they were just reluctantly willing to take whatever they could get. And we just cleverly milked that into a full-scale Australian and European tour. Hopefully by putting out the new full length we will show that we are not actually assholes.



WM: Speaking of touring, can we expect No Trigger to be hitting the road for another half-decade to follow the release of the new album Tycoon (in stores Feb. 21st!)?

T: If history is any guide I mean yeah most likely. We are great at touring, just terrible at recording new music in a timely fashion.


WM: On your last full-length album, every member of the Spawn Til Die community (including me!) was thanked in the liner notes. Considering that website no longer exists, what can we expect of Tycoon’s liner notes? Have some changes in the genre of the liner notes? Still sticking true to the pop-punk mentality of your liner notes?

T: No Sleep (our label) said “Keep it short fellas, space is money.”, so we didn’t thank anyone besides ourselves.



WM: I have never, ever understand where the name “No Trigger” came from. I remember seeing the sticker with your band name and a knife all over campus, is that because knives don’t have triggers? Have you guys come up with some new stickers over the past decade? Please say there are!

T: I’m pretty sure I am the one who suggested the name like 12 years ago, but even I don’t know where it came from. We handed merch duties over to our guitarist Jon a while ago, so hopefully he has some slick new designs coming up for people to put on their fridge.


WM: Something that most people know about you, if they’ve known you for long enough, is the fact that you’re an Eagle Scout. I went to three Cub Scout meetings when I was in 2nd grade, and it never really stuck. Clearly to obtain Eagle status, it requires a lot of dedication and I would assume it’s a big part of your life and something you’re proud of. Are there skills you’ve learned or obtained in your life as a Scout that you’ve incorporated into your band or songwriting? Are these two parts of your life completely separate and distinct from one another?

T: I think the one thing that carries over from scouting and such are the lyrical and artistic motifs we choose to run with. We have a very outdoorsy vibe with our lyrics and artwork and it’s mainly due to my personal connections to these things, which were enhanced growing up as a Boy Scout (and eventually Eagle Scout). They definitely go hand in hand. It’s crazy you ask because on the new record there is even one song that has part of the Boy Scout Oath in it.



WM: Speaking of big parts of your life, you’ve also obtained your real estate license, another thing requiring lots of dedication. Are their skills you’ve learned as a real estate agent that you’ve incorporated into your songwriting? Hahaha, okay, now THAT one was a joke. But seriously, you’re a realtor. Have you ever tried to get your fans to buy your album, your shirts, and a house?

T: Ha well, its tough to juggle being a suited-up clean-cut realtor and then also a grimy bandana-wearing front man of a melodic hardcore band, but somehow I’ve been able to strike a balance. The best thing is showing coworkers the videos of us playing live. They never believe that it’s me. As far as clients go, I never mention I am in a band unless they Google my name and ask me about it directly. I have sold houses to a few people in bands, bigger bands, but I wont say who to keep in line with my fiduciary responsibilities, of course.


WM: The last time I saw No Trigger perform was at one of the (many) Suicide File reunions at the Worcester Palladium. I remember jumping up on stage and onto your back during one song, and I think I knocked you over. In retrospect, I think I was coming on a little strong in our friendship. Will you accept my apology? It always felt like that’s something Spave would have done. I saw that guy in Northampton and he’s still awful.

T: Apology accepted, sir. But now you owe me another one for making me think about Spanish Dave for the first time in 7 years.



WM: Lastly, is there any shit you’d like to talk on me? Other than the release of Tycoon, in record stores Feb. 21st, any other plugs you’d like to make? Are you wearing shorts right now?

T: Yes I am wearing a pair of cut off camo shorts that I have had since before No Trigger was a band. And yes, our record comes out very soon on No Sleep Records. Get it!



Thanks again to Tom for taking the time out of his busy house-selling schedule to answer these questions. Make sure you see No Trigger if they swing through your area, because whether their sound is something you’re not really into or just curious about, they put on a really energetic and fun show. I hope they make their way through my town so I can jump on Tom again, except this time it would probably throw his back out. And don’t forget to pick up “Tycoon” on Feb. 21st at your local record store or local website where you buy music from!

No Trigger on No Sleep Records
No Trigger Merch
No Trigger Facebook


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