Steve O’ Brien from Team Submarine [SHITTY INTERVIEW]

I already interviewed Nate from Team Submarine, but since there are two members, I didn’t think it would be fair to leave out Steve. As far as his nickname is concerned, I’m pretty sure it started because he included my first and last name into some sort of sing-song rhymey limerick thing, and I tried to do the same, just not as successfully. Did you guys know that Steve knows Dan Berry? Not Dave Berry, the funny guy who writes down silly observations, I mean Dan Berry, the pirate. If you want to meet Dan Berry, just play Bruce Springsteen’s “Born To Run” and start smashing things while wearing a black and white striped tank top, and he will appear. BUT ENOUGH ABOUT DAN BERRY, BACK TO STEVE O’ BEEVO!


WolfMan: Beevo, can I call you Beevo? Beevo, I heard a rumor that you are the original member of Team Submarine? You weren’t even a team back then, you were just one player. What was the tryout process like to allow Lazer onto the team? Layup drills, passing plays, LEGO building?

Steve: If there’s anyone who can call me Beevo, it’s you.  The history of Team Submarine is a little murky.  I am actually the third person to portray “Steve” in the group.  The group started in the 60’s as a two-man comedy/jug band act.  Over the years the material has changed to fit the times and as performers get older they are replaced by younger ones.  Nate Fernald is actually the fourth “Nate” but the first performer to portray “Nate”  with a beard.  It’s a lot like Dr. Who or the Dread Pirate Roberts from The Princess Bride.


WM: As of this moment, you have commented on my blog a grand total of 1 time. The comment was in regards to the Marvel comic book character, and went a little something like “DD’s got dot double D’s!  No has made that joke before, right?” I made fun of your grammatical error of leaving out the “one” from “no one”, and didn’t even address what the hell “got dot” means. After my harassment, you have never returned. If I apologize to you, publicly, will you come back and maybe post a comment or two again?

S: If you make a public apology on all of the major social networking sites then I would be happy to return to your site with my hilarious and thought provoking quips.


WM: On the topic of Daredevil, have you read any of the new ongoing series that started over the summer? It’s a lot of fun. I think one of the reviews I read for it that really summed it up well referred to it as a “swashbuckling” series. There’s also one issue where Matt Murdock is trying to convince people he’s not Daredevil so he wears a red shirt that says “I’M NOT DAREDEVIL” on it and I really want it. Will you make me one?

S: I have not read any of this new series you speak of.  I really lost interest after Brubaker’s run.  I’d be glad to make you an “I’M NOT DAREDEVIL” t-shirt.  I’ll have to read some of those back issues to see what this shirt looks like which means everybody wins:  I’m reading Daredevil again and you get a t-shirt out of it!  Excelsior!


WM: Some people might not realize that if they listen to the “hidden” track on your debut album “Correctamundo!” that they can hear a voicemail I left for you about how you fucked up the tag to the end of your entire show, which was also the end of your entire album. What has the aftermath of that event been like for you? Have you developed PTSD  because of it? Are people heckling you during your shows because of it? Will you ever forgive yourself?

S: I’m sensing a theme here: You really enjoy picking apart my mistakes.  It has been a few years since “the incident” as my family calls it.  I am over it now. The best thing to do is just pick myself up and try to move on.  But late at night it still haunts me.  Sometimes my girlfriend will wake me up and tell me I’ve just been repeating “Gay Radar” over and over again in my sleep.  I am a living Edgar Allen Poe story now thanks to you.


WM: The Team Submarine website ( tells me that you’re a comedy duo from New York, but I thought you were from New Hampshire. What do you have to say to these accusations? What do you think Bo-Bus would say to these accusations? Assuming that none of my readers know who Bo-Bus is, just make sure you say something really funny.

S: What is this, an interrogation?!  You’re right, okay.  We should say that we currently reside in NY but are both originally from New England.  Nate and I were both actually born in Massachusetts.  Bo-Bus would probably think someone’s bedroom door was actually the front door if he heard about this.


WM: When it comes to fashion sense, we have come to expect both sweatshirts and ties to be worn by you and/or your partner Nate Fernald. What brought you two to this decision in activewear? Did you just both show up at your first gig wearing these items and are nervous to bring up any other wardrobe possibilities?

S: The first year of Team Submarine we wore shirts and ties with hoodies over them.  I think we liked the idea of having a uniform that set us apart a little.  It made it special and was kind of a nod to the old fashioned two-man acts.  We dropped it after the first year mostly out of convenience.  It was just easier to perform in whatever clothes we were wearing at the time rather than always going home to change into our “costumes.”   Those were the good old days.


WM: On the subject of fashion, did you ever own a Starter jacket that had a sports team on it? I know the Charlotte Hornets were very popular when it comes to Starter jackets. And completely off the subject of Starter jackets, who are some of your own personal comedic influences? Not just influences for Team Submarine, but also influences for your stand-up?

S: I never owned a Starter jacket.  My brother had one I think but he was really into sports.  I do remember begging my mom for a Champion sweatshirt because everyone had one of those.  I also wore nothing but denim on my first day of 5th grade.  Denim pants, denim shirt, denim jacket, denim hat.  Still might be the coolest I have ever felt.  There are so many  people and groups that I love in comedy.  I grew up in sort of a strict household when it came to what I was allowed to watch but for some reason Bill Murray movies were always okay.  It didn’t matter if they were rated R or not, Bill Murray got a pass.  I also have a distinct memory of watching David Letterman when I was pretty young.   My folks had friends over so I was just flipping through channels upstairs by myself and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  I loved it.  When I was 12 my parents got divorced  and all of sudden there were no rules so I became obsessed with comedy and gobbled up everything I could find: Kids in the Hall, Mr. Show, Seinfeld.  All of those things shaped my sense of humor.


WM: I know you’re a big fan of Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band. How sad were you when I texted you to tell you Clarence Clemons was dead? Also, I know you are mostly a fan of his more commercial songs from the 80’s, so is it true that your dream setlist would be Dancing in the Dark, Glory Days, and Hungry Heart being played for 3 hours? With a 30 minute encore of nothing but Radio Nowhere?

S: I was very sad.  I remember getting that text back stage at a show right before going on.  When I was younger I thought Bruce was cheesy but then I realized the power of the Boss!  I love it all now.  That is a dream set but I don’t think I could take it.  Those are all big time crowd participation songs and I think I’d pass out.  Better throw a Tunnel of Love in there somewhere so we can all get a breather.


WM: Lastly, is there any shit you’d like to talk on me for a second? Jokes that I’ve screwed up that you’d like to mock me for, Bruce Springsteen references that fell flat, or my blindness? Have anything else you’d like to plug or call attention to?

S: I would love to call you out on some shit but I’ve got nothing on you man.  You really grossed out my girlfriend when we all went for breakfast and you put four sausages in your mouth at the same time and never broke eye contact with her.  But that wasn’t a mistake, that was inspired!  I’d like to quickly plug my favorite soft drink: Mountain Dew.  It has always been there for me.


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