Demons (1985) [REVIEW]


I’ve tried to watch this movie a few times, and for one reason or another, I’ve never been able to get into it. It’s crazy to think that being based on a Dario Argento script and being about monsters in a movie theater that I’d have trouble watching it, but I did, so lay off. I think that had I told Rampaige what this movie was about before trying to get her to watch it, she probably would have refused. Luckily, her first exposure to the movie was when it accidentally started playing while we were trying to watch Breaking Bad and then the rock n’ roll music opening and the title of “DEMONS” popping up on screen seemed to get her a little bit more tolerant of it. It’s through her help that I was able to watch the carnage, gore, and ridiculousness known as Demons, and boy, am I glad I did.


Rampaige was pretty shocked when she found out this movie was made in Italy and that “Italian people can look like that.”


A woman gets the feeling that she’s being stalked on a train by a guy in a weird mask, and she’s right, because we see him confront her. Rather than attack her, he gives her tickets to the opening of a movie theater called the “Metropol” , which she brings her friend along to. The movie being shown is a horror movie, and strangely, one of the injuries suffered by the characters in the movie within the movie is also an injury developed by one of the theater-goers. This wound results in her turning into a zombie-esque creature, let’s just call her a demon, and she starts killing other theater visitors one by one. Some are killed, some are also turned into zombies, and when people try to get out, we see the entrances are now gone and they’re all stuck there. Eventually, a helicopter that was on the roof of the building (for some reason) crashes through the ceiling (for some reason) and the lead girl and a guy who had been helping her escape through the ceiling. When they get to the roof, they see the masked man who gave out the tickets, so they kill him and leave the building. Walking through the city, the two see that they aren’t the only ones affected by these demons, as it appears the whole city has been under attack. A guy in a Jeep shows up and offers them a ride, and the movie ends with these few survivors escaping the city to try to find safety in the country.


Speaking from experience, most people have this dead-eyed stare when they go to the movies. They’re also usually this dumb, too.

How’s that ending for a fucking downer? I love it! For all intents and purposes, this is a zombie movie, based mostly on the creatures “infecting” one another when bitten. Rather than being a typical zombie movies, it was something more like Evil Dead or Dead Alive, in the sense that the rules were a little bit looser and there wasn’t one guaranteed way to destroy the threat. Also like both of those movies, this movie was pretty bonkers. The gore effects were all practical, super sleazy, and involved lots of bodily fluids either spraying or dripping. Awesome! I also couldn’t help but think of Dead Alive when there was a scene involving the lead character riding a dirtbike around in a movie theater killing all of these demons with lots of blood and carnage, and it felt like a watered down version of the lawnmower scene. Also, even though I didn’t mention it in the synopsis because it didn’t really further the story, there are a group of punk rockers who at one point manage to get into the theater while trying to run away from the police and one dude is doing coke of another girl’s boob and he cuts her boob with a razor blade. Why? WHY FUCKING NOT?! Not necessarily the most original or inventive movie, but it was a ton of fun and I wish that I could have seen this in a movie theater somewhere because I can only imagine how fun it would be. I CAN’T WAIT TO WATCH MORE DEMONS!


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