HorrorHound Weekend September 7-9

Why yes, this IS something I plan to attend! They’ve got a lot of cool Monster Squad stuff going on that weekend and some Terminator things as well. Is there anyone going that you want me to try to talk to? I’m most just hoping to get a hug from Tom Noonan (not very likely) and ogle Cassandra Peterson from a distance (very likely). Either way, it should be a pretty fun event, so you should check out the guest list and let me know if there’s someone you have a burning question for!

2 responses to “HorrorHound Weekend September 7-9

  1. We used to go to this con all the time when it was in March, for some reason having it in September makes it harder to attend. While the exhibit rooms are always packed and it is sometimes hard to get around, there are always lots of cool things to see, and the guests are always really nice. Have a good time.

    • The only “horror” convention I’ve been to was a few years ago and it was a little disappointing. Thanks for the info. Seeing that it was in a hotel made me a little doubtful, but it sounds like it’s still a good time and worth going to. I’m also bringing a friend who’s never been to ANY convention, so I’m interested to see his take on the whole thing.

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