Win a Cabin in the Woods shirt! [GIVEAWAY]

I got this shirt when the movie came out in theaters, and now you guys have the chance to win it! For free! Here’s what it looks like:




As a warning, the shirt is an XL men’s shirt, which I have no control over. But ya know what? WHO CARES! Anyone with a sewing machine can make it fit them! Or better yet, cut out the graphic and sew it onto something else! That’s what I’m gonna do with the other one I have! Also, maybe you’re a big dude and this shirt will fit perfectly! Either way, it’s a cool shirt, and here’s what it takes to enter to win it:


1) Retweet this message on Twitter. (Click the picture to retweet it. I’m trying to make it easy here, guys.)


2) Leave a comment on this post with your Twitter username so I can check to see if you actually retweeted it, you tricksters. Feel free to include in the comment your horror movie that takes place in a cabin or in the woods or BOTH!


3) I’ll randomly pick a name from the comments to send the shirt to. That’s it! I’ll pick the winner later this week and contact you. Good luck!

22 responses to “Win a Cabin in the Woods shirt! [GIVEAWAY]

  1. @Trev3k – for the movie, well, of course you can’t top the first two Evil Deads, but I also enjoy Cabin Fever. And hey, does The Descent count? They’re in a cabin in the woods for a little bit, at least!

  2. @Trev3k – as for the movie, well obviously you can’t top the first two Evil Dead films, but I also dig Cabin Fever. And hey, does The Descent count? They’re in a cabin in the woods for a little bit, at least!

  3. @Kumquatturtle Cabin Fever, Evil dead 1 & 2, parts of My Name Is Bruce is in the woods, KInda… Severance; Tucker and Dale was pretty decent, Deliverance (Not technically a horror though) Last House on the Left… Blair Witch was pretty cack, but it WAS set in the woods.

  4. Used but, not used up, eh? I’ll take a crack at trying to win a “The Wolfman” gently used or handled Cabin in the Woods Tee! (hopefully not soiled with any unmentionable stains?) 😉 Okay, enough of my foolishness…okay, I’m going with the original, Evil Dead! That had scenes taken place in a cabin in the woods, just as Evil Dead II had. I know it’s a very obvious choice, but hey, it should work, right? Thanks for having the giveaway! I need a new ..ahem, sorta new, cool T-Shirt! And if I win, I may just put my wife in it! I love how baggy Tees look on …well you get the idea. :-p

  5. Contest is over! 12 entries this week, so I plugged that into a random number generator and got…

    3! Third person is the winner! And that person is…

    Trevor! Thanks for entering, everybody!

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