Win an autographed Lords of Salem poster! [GIVEAWAY]

lords of salem poster rob zombie pink sherri moon zombie

Hey guys! I can call you that, right? Guys? Anyways guys, a few weeks ago I went to SXSW got to see Rob Zombie’s new movie, The Lords of Salem. In case you haven’t read my review, I’ll just say that I thought it was awesome. While at SXSW, I got the chance to interview Rob Zombie, actress Sherri Moon Zombie, as well as actor Jeffrey Daniel Phillips. Since they had “mad swag” at the interview for the press, and not wanting to hog all the swag for myself, you guys get to have it! I’m giving away an autographed poster for the film, as well as two shirts with the poster image on it! That’s pretty cool, right? Well, settle down for a moment, because it’s not a full size poster. It’s like, I don’t know, 12″x18″? Sure, that sounds about right. And I mean, if that’s too small for you or whatever, then I don’t want you to have this poster OR either of the t-shirts! Interested? Well, here’s how it works!

1) Retweet this message on Twitter.  That’s something that’s on the internet. I’m sure you’ve heard of it by now! You can click the tweet itself to make it easier to retweet.

2) Leave a comment on this post with your Twitter name, so I can double check that you’ve retweeted it, and also your favorite movie featuring witches.

3) I’ll randomly pick TWO comments through one of those number generator doodads or whatever to figure out the finalists. Whoever has a better answer out of those two tweets will get the poster AND the shirt, and the other comment will just be sent the shirt. Easy as that! I’ll pick a winner on Friday, 4/12, and I’ll notify you by email. You have to use your email to leave a comment, but it’s private so I’ll be the only one to see the comment. Simple as that! Here’s  picture of the actual autographs, so you know I’m not just full of shit. Good luck!

rob zombie lords of salem autograph

15 responses to “Win an autographed Lords of Salem poster! [GIVEAWAY]

  1. @jucampy
    & even though it’s not “scary” my favorite movie featuring witches is Hocus Pocus.

    i dont know if you could technically call it a witch movie but black sunday is probably the closest and my favorite

  3. This, The Witches, Hocus Pocus… Hocus Pocus is a classic. I watched The Witches in school, and read it for class, when elementary school was awesome.

  4. @nowisstrange
    Movies with witches seem so few and far between. I guess I’d have to say the Disney Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is my favorite.

  5. @punchdrunkninja

    I have a tie when it comes to witch films so here we go: Pumpkinhead, The Witches, and Howl’s Moving Castle. A lot of the love stems from reading material but each film has its own merits. (But you get that.)

  6. @erincandy

    My favorite movie featuring witches is The Craft. I know it’s kinda cheesy and not scary but I love it.

  7. @chiefladybird
    I’d have to say that my favoutite movie involving witches is the Blair Witch Project even though you dont actually see any witches haha

  8. @graymooncat
    Oh, gosh! I love movies about witches! They are my favorite! My favorite movie about witches would have to be…”Bell, Book and Candle”. No, “I Married a Witch”. Crap. Maybe it’s “Race With the Devil” starring Peter Fonda and Hot Lips Houlihan. “Snow White”? No, no. I’m making myself sick trying to decide! I’ll just go with…ohhhh…”Black Sunday”! There! Thanks for making me a nervous wreck!

  9. @margorita92123 My favorite movie about witches would have to be The Craft. Kind of old school,yet very cool.

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