SEND MORE COPS EPISODE 14 – The Icons of the Lords of Fright of Salem



Is that a confusing title for this episode? Well it fucking BETTER BE! That was the point. As you might be able to discern from the title, this episode deals with Rob Zombie’s latest movie, The Lords of Salem, as well as some of his other films. Okay, you get that? But what’s all this “Icons of Fright” bullshit? Well, in case you don’t know much about the internet, Icons of Fright is a website full of horror movie reviews, news, and interviews. It’s pretty cool, so you should check that out. When The Lords of Salem came out, there was a lot of negative reviews of the film, which is understandable, but a few people that I talk to on Twitter all thoroughly enjoyed it. What did these three people have in common? Why, they all write for Icons of Fright! This episode isn’t your average episode of SEND MORE COPS, as it was a phone call between myself, Jerry (@jerryisawesome), Kalyn (@KillerKalyn), and the guy who set it all up and whose idea it was, Justin (@Justin__Edwards). If anything, I am featured even LESS in this episode than others, which should make it MUCH better than what you normally hear. Give it a shot, check out Icons of Fright, let us know if you dig this episode, and maybe we’ll have more of these collaborations in the future.
As always, you can either download the episode through iTunes or through the show’s direct page.

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