The Possession Experiment (2016) [REVIEW]


I could only assume this movie involved sitting someone down to watch Andrej Zulawski’s Possession over and over again to see how long it took for someone to transform into Sam Neill. That movie sounds fantastic! I kept watching the movie thinking people would start watching the movie any minute. Sadly, that’s not what happened, and unfortunately, watching someone watching Possession would be much more enjoyable than watching The Possession Experiment.


“I can do more than cameo as a creepy guy or star in Rob Zombie movies!”

You know how most movies involving exorcisms end with one? Well in this film, we see an exorcism in the beginning! Whoa! After we see Bill Moseley as a priest trying to compel the spirits out of a woman, we jump ahead a few decades to a college course dealing with religion or exorcism or whatever, it doesn’t matter. Hearing about the case of the woman from the introduction, one student (Chris Minor) wants to explore how feasible possessions really are, so he takes all the necessary steps to try to evoke a demon and persuade it to embody him. He recruits some crew to help him, he gets a straightjacket so he doesn’t hurt anyone, and then uses a Ouija board and spooky books and stuff. Although the results aren’t immediate, this student does start showing signs of possession, but then there’s a reveal of what’s really going on! Whoa damn that’s spooky!


Be careful, buddy, you might see something spooky!

Okay, I’m kidding, it’s not spooky at all. Before getting too down on it, I should point out that I haven’t seen a horror movie where someone wants to become a conduit of a supernatural being for the sake of science. When someone tries to evoke Satan, it’s usually for selfish reasons, so at least this movie took that one semi-unique approach, but unfortunately, its strengths begin and end with that. It’s…just so bland. The whole thing is very by the numbers and the “twist” can be predicted early on. I guess maybe if you’re a big fan of Bill Moseley, this is a good opportunity to see play a character that’s not a villain? Maybe? Whatever, just go watch Possession instead.

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