Wolfman’s Guide to Getting Into the Spirit of Spooky Season

Whenever summer winds to a close and the cultural focus shifts away from vacations and towards students getting back to school, Halloween freaks know that the most wonderful time of the year is right around the corner. Some years, all it takes is seeing seasonal treats at the grocery store to get us in the mood for Halloween, but, to put it lightly, 2020 has been a complete shitshow. Forget trying to get in the mood for Halloween, sometimes it’s difficult enough to get inspired to, ya know, get out of bed in the morning. Given that America has completely blown the handling of the coronavirus pandemic and we are still stuck in Hell as other countries can begin to resume life as usual, we have to come to accept that some of our favorite seasonal activities will be nearly impossible this year, which will make it harder than ever to be excited for All Hallow’s Eve.

Luckily, the Wolfman has got you covered with some tried and true resources to get you feeling like a Cool Ghoul!

For years, I’ve been cultivating a Halloween-themed playlist full of not only traditional spooky songs, but also some of my favorite tracks that evoke a creepy atmosphere or were featured in classic horror movies. Every year, I share this playlist on Twitter, knowing how much it rules, but I know that this year, a playlist won’t be enough.

This year (and theoretically every year going forward) I’m giving you the new Every Day Is Halloween page, full of all of my favorite Halloween things that get me in the mood for this special time of year. Not only will you find tunes to listen to, but you’ll see some of my favorite commercials, Halloween-themed movies and TV shows (or episodes of TV shows), resources for finding decorations, and much more. My hope is that, no matter what’s going on in the world or what day of the year it is, you can quickly browse this page and potentially see something that can remind you how much we love this time of year, no matter what sort of real-world Hell we’re living through.

Make sure to stay tuned for updates over there, as I’m hoping to add recipes, books, board games, podcasts, and much more!


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