Creep (2004) [REVIEW]

I can’t remember exactly how I came across this movie, but it was most likely because of either Rue Morgue or Bloody Disgusting, so I had low standards. I did see that Franka Potente was in it, and she was awesome in Run Lola Run. I remember watching that movie pretty much every day the summer I first got a TV in my room. Well, actually, I alternated between that and BASEketball, because I taped that off of Pay-Per-View. Hard as it may be to believe, the film Creep is neither like Run Lola Run nor BASEketball.


Franka Potente not running and not being called Lola.

Our film opens with a sewage inspectors checking out…the sewer system. One of them is dragged off into inevitable death, and we then check in with Franka Potente. Leaving a party, she heads to the “Tube”, which is British for the subway. She falls asleep and apparently misses her train, and freaks out and tries to leave. Luckily a train shows up, and a friend from the party gets on. But guess what? Yup, he tries to rape her. Before he can accomplish that, something rips him off the train and destroys him. After a few trials and tribulations in the Tube, Franka finds that there is someone after her and anyone else who stays in the subway too late, and that person is in fact, a Creep. By creep, I mean some weird inbred retarded mongoloid subway dweller.


In the UK, the subway is called the Tube and flashlights are called torches. That’s all I got.

After some deaths and close calls, Franka, whose character is actually named Kate if anyone cares, is eventually captured by the Creep. He keeps her in a cage, as well as one of the sewage workers from the beginning. They manage to escape, and stumble upon a weird underground hospital with fetuses in jars and cribs. They also find a homeless woman who lives in the tunnels strapped to a baby delivering chair. They hear the Creep approaching, so they hide, and we get to see this freak cram a machete up the woman’s baby making parts. Ouch. There’s some more running and hiding and chasing, and we eventually learn that Creep is actually named Craig, as he was one of the babies from the abandoned crib. Big surprise, a huge creep named Craig. Franka/Kate eventually throws a hook into his neck, attached to a chain, and then the chain is run over by the train and ripped out, and Franka wins the day. Hooray!


The Creep being a creep to someone who finds him creepy.

Surprisingly, not all that bad of a movie. It was reminiscent of two films for me. The idea of being trapped in a subway station or subway car after dark is terrifying, which reminded me of the concept of Midnight Meat Train. Then, halfway through the film, you realize there is some sort of monster after you, which reminded me a lot of The Descent. Comparisons aside, this movie was pretty entertaining. Had some interesting shots and cool editing, and a different enough twist on something we have seen done a few times. Only drawback, which might not be a drawback to everyone, was never explaining who this guy was. He was more human than monster, and we never really found out what the hospital stuff was and why he lived down there. I’m sure there are other people who would be pissed off if they explained anymore, but I don’t really give a shit.


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