November Doldrums

Now that we’re into November, there has been a steady decline in viewers and less people searching for Halloween related things. I’m okay with that, since I’m still awesome and because I know people still watch horror the other 11 months. But for you, loyal readers, I pose a question: What do you want me to talk about? I’m curious if you check the site to see how I feel about new movies that you’re thinking of seeing, older movies that you’ve seen and wonder how I feel about them, or something else I can’t even think of. While I sit here watching Big Trouble in Little China, I hope that contacting you, the reader, directly, asking for what you want will ensure you get just that. More obscure, more mainstream, more comics, who knows!? Just leave a comment with any of your thoughts and I’ll try to adapt accordingly! Thanks for stopping by!

4 responses to “November Doldrums

  1. Review Starship Troopers, Eaten Alive, or a classic horror movie like The Shining or The Exorcist. Even better, take any one of the sequels I claimed to be better than the original, and review them. More movies, or comics. But only those two. Don’t talk about pizza or hot dogs or being angry; we already know you like those.

    • So, you’re saying more reviews, of either comics or horror movies, and more reviews. Got it. You’re lucky that Starship Troopers is on Netflix Instant, otherwise, I’d kill you.

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