Night of the Creeps (1986) [REVIEW]


Really had no fucking clue what this movie was about when it showed up at my house. I had heard it was a classic from the 80’s, but “classic” doesn’t always mean “good”. Take Killer Klowns from Outer Space, for example. That’s considered a classic but I think it sucks dicks. It seemed like in the 80’s, the term “horror film” was used quite loosely. Take aliens/zombies/monsters, have them get involved with some coeds, have at least one babe show her boobs, make sure a fat guy does something like fart or burp, then have an ambiguous ending. That’s not really what I would consider a classic. And when I read the description from Netflix out loud, Rampaige wasn’t all that excited to watch it. With terms like “evil slugs from outer space”, “lusty coeds”, and “campy cult classic”, I think it’s safe to say we set our standards pretty low.


If I had no dick, I’d puke up slugs and go kill crazy too!

We see space slugs arrive in the 1950’s, and one guy gets one in his mouth and goes crazy and murders his girlfriend. We jump forward to the 80’s and it’s pledge week on a college campus and, considering it’s the 80’s, we meet the main characters who just so happen to be dorky guys. In an attempt to get into a frat, they break into a science lab and accidentally thaw out the body of the guy from the 50’s who was infected with the space slug. That guy starts running amuck all over the campus, and it’s up to the two of them, a detective whose sweetheart was killed by the slugs, and some babes that the dorks are hoping to kiss to stop the slugs. I think that pretty much covers it, except I think there’s lots of cheesy special effects, a flamethrower, a scene with a bunch of girls getting dressed for homecoming, and yup, you guessed it, an ambiguous ending where we see a space slug crawl into a graveyard.



Rampaige wanted me to review this film with the simple phrase of “creepy and booby”, but I’ll give you a little bit more. Although it fits the stereotype of horror movies from the 80’s, at least it does it’s job well. Entertaining special effects, characters that you laugh at rather than with, and boobs. It’s similar to the successful execution of Night of the Demons, that I’m sure if I had seen this movie when I was much younger, I would look back on it with nostalgia. I’m not trying to say that any movie that is cheesy and was made in the 80’s is bad, but I would like to see them going in one direction or the other. A movie like Dead Alive definitely went the more ridiculous route, which is why it was so successful. Evil Dead 2 was able to walk that fine line quite well. This film just seemed to tread water just enough to stay above water, compared to a lot of other pieces of shit just seemed to drown.


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  1. “proved”? what are you, british? also, i respect your opinion but i do think you are a dick for not liking this movie more. you should do Slither next.

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