A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge (1985) [REVIEW]


No bullshit this time about what made me watch this movie, because I already said it a few posts ago. And if you can’t remember, fuck off. Also, don’t forget, I warned you that these reviews would be short and sweet. Mostly because these movies all sucked copious amounts of dicks.  So this kid moves into a new house on some street….OH THAT’S RIGHT IT’S ELM STREET! That’s where shitty things happen! Not only that, but it’s that bitch from the first movie’s house who died! Remember? We kind of saw her die because she got into a car that was overpowered by Freddy? Keep that in mind. So he moves in and starts having nightmares with Freddy, and he then discovers the diary of the girl who used to live there as she chronicled her dreams. Then some people he knows start dying and he starts sleepwalking or something? I guess Freddy has somehow found a way to manipulate this dude and that gives Freddy power to kill people. Eventually, the girl this dude loves kisses him and is all “OH COME BACK TO ME, YOU AREN’T FREDDY!” and then there’s fire and ashes and the dude crawls out of Freddy’s ashes. But then he has a dream with Freddy as a bus driver and everyone is kind of dead again? Or something? Fuck it.


I mentioned the weird monster tongue make out session, right? Now? Too bad.

Well, looking back at that synopsis, I feel like maybe I’m missing something. Guess what? Not really. It’s not that much worse than the original, but in case you remember, I didn’t really like the first one that much. One thing that I guess was good, and I use that term loosely, but helped solidify the concept of what Freddy was about was really exploring the dream vs. reality idea. Everything else about the movie though? Really not that good. I wish I could say more, but, it was kind of a chore to get through. Also, as of this moment, I have watched installments 3-6 that I also need to review, and they all sucked just as much. It’s a huge void of sucky shitty one-liners and cheesy death scenes.


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