Sucker Punch (2011)











HAHAHAHAHAHA JUST KIDDING! Why the fuck on Earth would I ever see such a stupid piece of shit movie? Here, I’ll post some pictures in this thread so you can get the Sucker Punch experience at home.


17 responses to “Sucker Punch (2011)

  1. Say what you will about your feelings for Sucker Punch (and I know you will), but the fifth picture from the top is incredible. Not to the point that I’ll see the movie, but if you’re trying to deter viewers based on these images alone, that fifth pic is doing the opposite for me, bro.

    Also, skip the Deathstalker series if that ain’t your cup of Joe.

    • I am not doubting, for one second, that Boris Vallejo and his art are incredible. I even have one of his books. However, I think you might have a more enjoyable experience sitting at home, drinking Mountain Dew, listening to Limp Bizkit and looking at Boris Vallejo images than if you spend money to see Sucker Punch.

  2. You’re gonna make fun of your boy Durst? Don’t you remember going to see them in Hartford? They had a giant robot onstage and everything!

  3. What do you have against Snyder? He’s a horror fan and a comic book fan. You two would probably get along famously. And his movies look great. Are you opposed to movies that are entertaining for the sake of entertainment?

    Name drop time! I’ve been to Fred Durst’s house. Rick Reubens was there.

    • I’m not necessarily bashing Zack Snyder, okay well maybe I am, as much as I am saying he has no depth to his material. His movies look great? For the most part, you’re right. I’d say everything looks “cool”. His Dawn of the Dead remake had some interesting visuals, however, it strayed from the source material a little too much for my liking. 300 looked cool, but I felt he changed the tone of the comic a little too much, and not in a good way. Watchmen…Watchmen isn’t supposed to be “cool”, and that’s what he made it. Granted, that movie probably never should have been made in the first place by anyone, but all he did was use slow motion and sepia tones to make it look “cool” and to sell things at Hot Topic. The Legends of the Guardians of the Owl Fighters of the Warriors of the Sword Warrior Fighting Masters was even hated by Rampaige…AND SHE FUCKING LOVES OWLS. He takes other people’s material, throws out what they were trying to do with with and generally pisses all over what it was they were trying to accomplish, while making things look “cool”.

      Also, it’s not much of a name drop, considering you were one of the original Beastie Boys.

  4. I remember reading that Romero found running zombies unbelievable and didn’t like the DotD remake. Believable? Yeah, Bub’s legs would get rigor mortis LONG before his brain would. Science is dumb anyway.

    • All I’m saying is a movie like 28 Days Later could take a concept and change things enough to be different and original without messing with anyone’s stuff or without calling it “The Crazies”, and the Snyder remake is entertaining, just changes what the fear is. I feel that with the original, the fear is the longevity of the zombies, and the fact that you might survive, but the zombies will survive longer. The remake gave me more of the impression that you could kill enough zombies to be able to save humanity. NOT MY THING, MAN.

  5. What?! Did you see the end? If you liked the end of Monsters, then the end of DotD should have given you wet dreams. That shit was almost as bleak as the mist. Almost.

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