Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth (1992) [REVIEW]


I can relate to the title of this film, because I feel that trying to get through the rest of this franchise will be hell on Earth. The Cenobite known as “Pinhead” is for some reason trapped in a pillar. Some asshole buys the pillar and keeps it in the bedroom in the club that he owns, which doesn’t seem too restful. After doing it with some chick, the pillar kills her with chains and sucks her in, resulting in her face being carved onto the pillar. Pinhead starts talking to the asshole and telling him to bring more sacrifices so he can escape from the pillar. And guess what? He does! He ends up coming to life and killing a bunch of people in the club before wreaking havoc on the patrons of the nightclub, and also creates new Cenobites. They end up walking down the street and trying to kill people or something? I don’t really remember what happens, other than one guy gets killed by a bunch of CDs smashing him in the head, and the old timey Rubik’s Cube gets tossed into cement, destroying it forever. BUT….we see that a building that was erected on top of that cement has artwork similar to that of the fucking box thing! What could this possibly mean?! Another shitty movie!


Totally forgot that this part of the movie existed until Google image search showed it to me. I still barely remember what happened.

I generally pride myself on being able to give a relatively accurate synopsis of the movies I’ve seen, but I barely remember anything about this piece of shit. I don’t know if it’s because it wasn’t worth paying attention to, or maybe there just wasn’t anything memorable happening in it, but either way, details are foggy at best. I can’t give this movie too shitty of a rating, because I am now remembering there was a point where I said to myself, “Oh man! I totally want to remember to include that part in my review!” But obviously, I am now forgetting what that was, but I trust that I thought it was pretty funny.


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